Tuesday, May 24, 2011

toot toot

Can I toot my own horn for a minute? (Okay, okay--I'm pretty sure most of this is genetic and not really grounds for tooting my own horn, but I might as well take credit anyway.)

I went to a health assessment this morning here at Stanford. The guy who went over my numbers with me last year was excited about my numbers and really motivated me to want to keep working hard on my health! The girl who went over my numbers with me this year was boring as all get out. Seriously. I think I left there asleep. But my numbers deserve some excitement! Here are my stats:

Bad Cholesterol (should be below 200): 137
Good Cholesterol (should be above 40): 59
Fasting glucose (should be between 70-99): 91
BMI (should be 18.5-24.9): 22.6
Waist circumference (should be less than 35): 28
Blood Pressure (should be below 120/80): 105/67
Heart Rate (see chart below): 50

I once had a BMI of 19. That was awesome. Maybe some day I'll work back to that. But this mama-of-two is not complaining whatsoever about a BMI of 22. You'd have full permission to slap me if I did. Here's a BMI chart for you. (Keep in mind that BMI doesn't take into account muscle density or fat distribution, so isn't always an accurate health measurement for everyone.)


I think the most entertaining part of my health assessments is always my heart rate. Last year the guy looked at my heart rate and said, "Are you a runner? Because otherwise we'd have to tell you to go see a doctor about your heart rate." This year the (boring) girl said, "And, um, yeah, your heart rate is a little low..." Thanks.


As most people increase their exercise, their resting heart rate decreases. This is a sign that your heart is becoming stronger and more efficient. It's comforting to know that I have an efficient heart. So all you people out there who roll your eyes at those of us who like to run/bike for long periods of time... let's compare heart rates. :)

Just don't ask me to stand up quickly...

When's the last time you had your numbers checked? Get 'er done, people.


Julia Wade said...

Molly, that is awesome ... toot toot you rock star momma of two!!

Tamra said...

Go you!

Yeah, I was thinking I need to get my numbers done soon, since I'm officially 30 in a few weeks. I don't know if I've ever really done them (except when pregnant. Seems like there were a million tests then). Usually the doc just looks at me and says, "You look great." Not super helpful or, you know, concrete.

Ashley C. said...

Ha, I went to the Student Health Center on Friday and the nurse said "hm, everyone's blood pressures seem to be high this week for some reason." I was like, "uh, yeah, it's finals week!"