Thursday, May 5, 2011


Shayla will probably hate me for putting her in the spotlight like this, but I just finished reading my friend Rachel's blog post. It gives such a PERFECT example of our Shayla that I had to include it on my blog. Yesterday I tried hard to convince our property management company to let Shayla's family move in next to us even though they have a dog. Alas, the management company wouldn't budge an inch on the "no animals" policy. Booooo. I mean, who in the world WOULDN'T want someone like this as their tenant? Click here to read about the amazing Shayla.

Don't you guys love Shayla?


Julia Wade said...

I have all sorts of warm fuzzies right now.

Shannon said...

Yes, Shayla is tops. And so are you, Molly. Great people seem to converge and I feel blessed to know you gals.

brooklyn said...

*shaking head in disbelief* seriously, that girl has got compassion super powers. the same thing happened with me! dave was out of town and we all got sick and called shayla to cancel a play date, and minutes later dinner was on our doorstep. i cried. i love her!

Kerri said...

I just read about Shayla. Is she real or just someone I read about in the Ensign? What a gal! And Shannon is attracts like!

Made me think of this: Don't ASK what you can do; DO what you can do.

Sometimes I don't know WHAT to do, no matter how hard I want to do something...this gave me some ideas in that moment of crises.

Molly said...

Yep. She's the whole package. She's a feisty sassafras and a half and the most thoughtful person you've ever met.