Monday, May 16, 2011

the job hunt

A couple weeks ago, Christian was helping a lady at Banana Republic (where he works part time). She was so impressed by his great customer service that she asked who his manager was so she could put in a good word for him. The manager was busy at the time, so Christian kept doing what he does and continued helping the lady. He noticed she was wearing a Tesla jacket and asked what ties she had to Tesla.

{For those of you who don't know, Tesla Motors makes all-electric cars. Expensive all-electric cars, but working on less expensive models.}

Turns out she's a customer service manager at Tesla.

In the words of the wise Gru... "Light bulb."

You know it's a good sign when a customer service manager is impressed with your customer service. Now Christian has a 2-month temp job working with this customer service manager at Tesla. Of course we are crossing our fingers that his time at Tesla opens some doors and leads to more, but for now we are happy that he is getting more experience.


1. Will he get to test drive a Tesla? If by test drive you mean look at them in the parking lot, then yes.

2. Does he get a discount on Tesla cars? Um, first he would need to be an actual employee. And then probably no. And even if he did, us getting a discount on a $110,000 car would be like, um, us getting a discount on a $110,000 car. Wouldn't exactly make any difference, you know?

3. What about your kids? They don't get a discount either. Oh, you mean what are we doing with our kids? One day a week my mom is coming up to watch them (thank you, Mom!), and the other 4 days we are doing a sort of nanny share with our good friend Robin. We drop the kids off at the nanny's house in the morning and they seem as happy as can be when we pick them up. What a relief. Childcare is stressful. But I'm excited Graham and Dylan get to hang out now!

4. Is Christian still working at Banana? Yes. Until he finds a fixed position, he will keep his job at Banana. Don't you fret. We still have our discount.

5. When will he know if it turns into something permanent? You never know that. Sometimes temp jobs lead to something. Sometimes they don't. People tend to like Christian, so our best chances are for a job to open up for which he qualifies. So we'll just cross our fingers and wait. And if you know anyone who works at Tesla, tell them to swing by and say hello to Christian. :)


Chelle said...

Well that's exciting though! We'll cross our fingers for you that it turns into something more permanent. It's amazing what good old fashioned being genuinely nice will do for you, eh? It wins every time.

Julianne said...

The Tesla Roadster is one of Jeremy's favorite cars ever. Let us know when that 90% discount rolls around.