Saturday, May 7, 2011

dear christian

Dear Christian,

I know it's Mother's Day weekend, but I can't help but want to celebrate you. You have watched our boys for the last year and a half. Some days were harder than others, but we have two very happy boys as a result of the loving care you've given them. They will miss being with you all day long.

You feed them, change them, comfort them, play with them. You help me every day, you make me laugh, and you put up with all the many projects I dream up.

You are the only reason I can make it out the door anywhere close to on time.

I may be the mother, but my job is a lot easier with you as the father.

So in honor of Mother's Day, this mama thanks you and loves you.




jena wise said...

like, like, like! you guys are BOTH AMAZING. having two kids so close in age, adding more to the mix, working full time, etc. etc. is a LOT of work! You are inspiring.

Chris said...

Molly, what a cool post to wake up to on Mother's Day. We're so lucky that you found Christian. The two of you are great together, and how true that he's an awesome dad. We love you guys.

Ashley C. said...

Yup, I think you found a keeper.