Monday, April 4, 2011

goal for the month of April

My goal for the month of April is to use every appliance and/or pan in my kitchen at least once.

Cake pans
Bundt pan
Springform pan
Bread pans
Ebelskiver pan
Pie tins
Cupcake pan
Food processor
Waffle iron
Bread maker
Banana split bowls (from Braden and Cheri--I think of you guys every time I see them!)
Ice cream maker

Now that I made that list, I've changed my mind.

My new goal for the month of April will be to pick 2 or 3 lonely pans from the depths of my cupboards and use them.

Otherwise I will be a big, big girl by the end of the month...


Julie Laughlin said...

mmmm! ebelskiver!

Kerri said...

and my thought was....Ebelskiver pan??? what is that. I really want to know.

I finally bought a springform pan this weekend for a yummy flourless chocolate cake. If you want the recipe, just send me a note.

Carly said...

I like your original goal. And since you obviously don't want to become a big girl by the end of the month, I guess that means you'll be fattening up your friends instead. Darn!

Molly said...

Ebelskivers are what we've eaten every Christmas morning since I can remember. Yum. Kerri--they are pretty much pancake balls. Look here:

Come visit me and I'll make them for you. ;)

Carly--I just might take you up on that challenge, which means you'd better buy that P90X now in order to offset the sweets I'm going to divvy out to my friends.

Julia Wade said...

i was gonna say ......... that looks delicious!!! :)

Chris said...

Usually these baking pans come to mind during the cold months when I'm stuck indoors. But, I too have just pulled a few yummy looking recipes from magazines, among them a coffee cake and bar cookies, guaranteed to add pounds. When you get Kerri's flourless chocolate cake recipe, pass it on to me:)

The Mostess said...

Stay away from me with your evil ebelskivers.

Sarah Agrella said...

I love that you have an Ebelskiver pan! I grew up eating them. My great grandmother was full blooded Danish and we lived in Solvang, CA with her and my grandparents for a couple of years and they are VERY popular there too!