Friday, April 1, 2011

disappointment, perspective, and comfort

Today has been a whirlwind of emotion, yet it all fit together so perfectly, like everything was planned.

Event #1 of the day:

This morning I read a post on Five Real Moms about how sometimes what seems to be a trial at the time ends up being a huge blessing (in her case, a leaky pipe led to the prevention of a household disaster). I commented that we had noticed the same thing in Christian's job search. He had some decent leads that didn't pan out. He made it part way through the Deputy Sheriff application process only to find out that the county had to cut budgets and was no longer hiring. These were big disappointments at the time, but through this laborious process of job hunting, Christian has discovered what he really wants to do in his career. If he had gotten the previous jobs, he may have ended up going down a path that wasn't right for him. It was through the disappointment that he discovered something valuable.

Event #2 of the day:

A) A few days ago I posted about an infant seat adapter for our bike trailer. The seat is only sold in Europe and with shipping would have cost us $150. Yuck. The next best thing (in price and most likely quality) would have been a $70 seat sold in the US.

B) Yesterday, Brooklyn introduced me to the art of sharing Facebook posts with select groups of people. This allowed me to put a link to my blog on Facebook for only close friends to see.

C) Today, my coworker/friend, Evelyn, (who saw my blog yesterday thanks to the Facebook post) happened upon someone who was selling the same infant bike trailer seat I had posted on my blog. She sent me the link. I emailed the lady, who happened to be German and had had the seat since she lived in Germany. I bought it for $55 -- 2 miles from my work.

Event #3 of the day:

Not long after I made arrangements to pick up the seat, I received word from Christian that he had not gotten the job for which he had been interviewing. It was essentially a dream job for him. This crushed my day. Christian not getting his dream job also means that I don't get my dream job. Back to the drawing board. It's a tough thing to take in, especially when you start to think that there might be light at the end of the job-search tunnel. And not just any light. A light that seemed like the perfect fit for us.

So the question is, how did this all fit together perfectly?

I could be sad (which I am) and bitter (which I'm not). But after putting in writing this morning that I've witnessed blessings from the trials of this job hunt, it would be hypocritical of me to wallow in my sorrows now. I know things will work out. The blessings will come. I said it myself this morning just in time to need my own advice.

And I felt like the chain of events leading up to us getting the infant seat adapter today were more than just coincidental. Heavenly Father knew we'd need some comforting this weekend. While we could have sat around watching TV, he knew that a Saturday ride down a beautiful bike path with our beautiful boys would be much needed therapy for the disappointment.

I am looking forward to tomorrow.


Carly said...

Sorry Christian's job didn't pan out. We'll make sure to go heavy on the comfort foods for Sunday. :) Glad that you were able to gain some perspective so quickly. It usually takes me a few days (ok, years).

Ashley said...

Oh no, I'm so sad to hear that about Christian's job! Hopefully something that works even better for all of you will come through. Hang in there, and enjoy the biking!

webster said...

Bummer about the job, sorry. What kind of job is the dream job that he's looking for? I'm loving that you are in to biking!! We should get together when I'm in San Jose one of these days and go for a ride. I just did a 100k yesterday in Sacramento with a was awesome!

Tamra said...

Great post. Sometimes believing that God is still looking out for us, through all the trials, can be the toughest thing. Thank you for your insights.

Em said...

I love this post and thank you for it.

I love that saying "He knows the details of my life." God really does. Best of luck to your husband in finding the perfect job/career path for him. He'll find it. I SO understand the stress and anxiety and disappointment of the job hunt and wish you all the best.

Also, I am so glad I read this because I didn't know a child has to be at least a year before sitting in a bike trailer. Good to know! This will slow our search for sure (and that's a good thing).

Finally, your boys are absolutely adorable!