Monday, April 18, 2011

the boys

I'm bored and need a break from medical student schedule change petitions... So here are some pictures of my boys from my phone!

Liam playing in his exersaucer. Christian sent me this today. I miss my boys! (All 3 of them...)

Liam helping me garden a few weeks ago.

Running with the boys. No more infant car seat for Liam! He sits in the stroller like a big boy now. I honestly think ditching that extra weight helped. I had an awesome 4-mile run. (It was a nice evening. The picture makes it look freezing.)

Graham has taken to laying down or sitting down next to Liam to hang out with him. He loves his little brother!

Graham's favorite place: Pinkberry. My favorite chairs...

I'm building a fence to keep the kids out of the vegetable garden. It's the only way little sprouting plants will survive little feet and curious fingers.

Graham now devours whole pears. No more cutting up little pieces for him.

On the way home from Hollister: sleeping and holding up his bottle at the same time. Impressive.

Cute little picture of Liam from a few weeks ago.

More to follow. My phone decided it has worked hard enough for today and won't send the rest of the photos. Stay tuned.


Chris said...

As a grandma, I feel really fortunate to live close enough to see these cute little guys in person often. The green chair is fun. Will they give you the supplier's name?

Julianne said...

Liam is so grown up! And he looks just like you (except manly, of course).

Chelle said...

Your boys are seriously too cute Molly. I am so excited to meet them this summer! It's fun to finally meet kids in person that you've only seen in pics.

Dr. aafb said...

So cute!! They both look too grown up!

Amy Carter said...

very cute. it's odd to see graham as an older brother, since luca is the same age and we consider him the baby.