Saturday, March 12, 2011

weekend fun 10 (and a half):52

This weekend we got together for a little rock clearing party at Ashley's house. She wanted to clear the rock driveway in her side yard in order to plant a vegetable garden, so our family got together and helped clear out all the rocks!

We ate food.

We found salamanders.

Tyler shoveled.

Dad moved rocks.

Graham threw dirt.

Mom watched kids.

Diego and Charlie "one-up-ed" each other all afternoon.

Ashley raked.

Amy even worked. This may be the most yard work she has ever done. ;)

Scout ate all of Amy's homemade cheese crackers off the counter.

While the others worked their butts off, I mostly sat in one area sorting the rocks out of the dirt. Because of my back pain, I can't use a shovel, hoe, rake, pick ax, etc. or I would have been crying by the end of the day (quite literally). This pretty much left me nothing to do but sit and comb through the dirt making it nice for gardening. So I did. I sure hope my back recovers soon, because I have my own garden to get ready, too!


Ashley said...

Love the butt shot of Tyler in the last pic!

Molly said...

You would. ;)

I thought about not using it, but those were the only pictures I took, and I figured Tyler likes his butt. Ha!

Amy Carter said...

Now I have solid proof!

ps. i didn't realize until the end of the afternoon that you were picking through the dirt due to your back. i probably wouldn't have teased you so much had I known.

Amy Carter said...

ps. i can send you the pick of ashley christine's butt to include as well. although that one exposes quite a bit more! :)

Ashley C. said...

Hey, no crack pictures! But seriously, having all of you over was soooooo awesome! I never could have moved those things on my own!