Wednesday, March 23, 2011

update on the prolapse: 13 weeks postpartum

For anyone out there on the web who finds my posts about my bladder prolapse, I am writing this for you!

It's like it never happened. 13 weeks after I gave birth, 11 weeks after I noticed the prolapse, I don't even feel it. The only time I even remotely notice it is when I carry my baby around in a baby wrap/sling/carrier for any period of time. And even then it's just a slight discomfort.

As for exercise, I ran twice about a month ago (so around 8 or 9 weeks postpartum) and the running did not cause any extra discomfort. I had to stop running, because I injured my back (completely unrelated to running or the prolapse). This week I will start running again, and I am confident that the prolapsed bladder will not affect me in the least.

I bought a pelvic floor exercise DVD from and I highly recommend it. I knew I wouldn't use it daily like I should (because I'm a procrastinator and a slacker), but I used it a couple times a week, and I do think it helped. In fact, I really need to start using it again--and consistently. These exercises are helpful for any woman, not just people with prolapses.

I have also been doing yoga at home, which has not only helped my back but has strengthened me in general, and I believe that strengthening in general has a great effect on the prolapse.

Last, I have been very careful NOT to lift anything heavy. Doing so can have a negative effect on the prolapse until your pelvic floor has recovered and is strong. Lifting something extremely heavy is also how I hurt my back. After being pregnant and on bedrest, my back was about as wimpy as could be, and I wasn't careful. Now I'm trying to strengthen it through yoga.

In fact, I am so confident and optimistic about the state of my bladder and my ability to exercise that I signed up with my brothers to do an XTERRA Triathlon in Lake Tahoe in 12 weeks. (I will be doing the Sprint distance, of course.)

Wish me luck. I'm not sure what I just got myself into...

But for those of you out there with a cystocele, don't give up hope. Start strengthening your pelvic floor and kick that bladder in the butt. :)


Julianne said...


Chris said...

I've been meaning to ask, so you must have written this just for me. This is such good news.

The Carters said...

That's great news. But I can't believe you signed up for an Xterra, you're crazy. -Ian

Murphy Mania said...

yee. haw. I'll get back to you about that triathlon. . . tempting

Anonymous said...

Really glad I found this post, I am a runner and I believe I too have a prolapse, going for my 6 week check up this Thursday.

I have been dying to run but too scared too as just walking about feels u comfortable and heavy.

How are you feeling now, can you run comfortably. I know it's been a long time since you posted this.

TRJ said...

Molly - it's over 2 years out - what happened with your cystocele? I was recently diagnosed with a grade 2, am devastated, and looking for hope.