Friday, March 11, 2011

Christian won the chili cook off

Tonight was our church chili cook off.

Christian decided he wanted to take feijoada, a traditional Brazilian bean stew type thing.

So he slaved away (for an hour).

He concluded that it didn't taste like feijoada, but that it tasted good nonetheless.

So we took it to the cook off.

Then they announced the winners.

3rd place...2nd place...and first place goes to Molly Aufdermauer.

Say whaaaat? I didn't even make anything!

But Christian quickly made his way to the front of the room to let everyone know that he made it, not his wifey.

So Christian's feijoada won the chili cook off.

Love. it.


Chris said...

Congratulations, Christian. We know what a good cook you are, and that Molly's a lucky wife. Love you.

Shayla Taylor said...

Feijoada always wins... always. :) Congrats!

Tamra said...

Love that they announced your name instead. SOME husbands cook!