Tuesday, March 15, 2011

asleep at the table?

I've definitely heard of other people's kids doing this, but I thought it could never happen to mine. Graham WILL NOT fall asleep anywhere if other people are in the room, no matter how tired he is.

Turns out that is no longer the case.

This is the text I just got from Christian: "I was feeding and changing Liam and Graham was complaining then stopped suddenly. I got up and he was out."

Aw, Budkins--You are too cute.


Amy Carter said...

awwwww, poor guy had had enough. so cute.

Kerri said...

i love these kinds of pics.

Veronica Cleverly said...

hahahahahahahahahaha! That is awesome!

Emma and Dan said...

Molly, we actually did apply in the Bay Area and Northern California (Dan is from Auburn by Sacramento), but we didn't get any interviews that far away. I thought it would be fun to be out there for a few years. Was your Match Day fun yesterday?