Sunday, February 20, 2011

weekend fun 8:52

Rain, rain, rain. It wouldn't stop! So we packed up the boys in the double stroller, strapped on the rain guard, walked the boys over to the church building, and had a little fun in the gym.

Liam and I pulled a comfy chair in from the foyer, and Christian and Graham flew Christian's remote-control helicopter. It was a great rainy day activity. We may or may not have played with some of the nursery toys. Don't tell.


Veronica Cleverly said...

Do you guys have a key to the church building or was is just open

Christian Aufdermauer said...

I have a key and have had it for 6 years because of soccer.

amandanbo said...

you are so adorable and your family is beautiful! haven't checked in in a while...had fun catching up and wanted to say hello :)