Saturday, February 26, 2011

weekend fun 9:52

Today we ventured south. First we ate funnel cakes and chocolate-chip banana bread at the Frisbys' house in Morgan Hill. Yum. The men watched basketball (I guess as a Cougar I should have cared that BYU was playing?), the ladies chatted, and the kids and dog got into mischief. I, for one, was happy to have a dog around so that I didn't have to pick up any stray cheerios.

And I made out like a bandit. Well, a bandit who gets extremely excited about free branches. Hey, I need to put up some posts in the back yard to support my sweetpeas, because they are planted along a cement wall. The Frisbys happened to have a huge pile of branches to get rid of. Win, win. I only wish I could have made a bigger dent in their pile.

Forgot to take pictures. (I seem to be good at that.)

Then we went even farther south to my parents' house in Hollister. And guess what? IT SNOWED! Lucky us! I love hanging out at my parents' house.

{Video of Graham in the snow.}

{Watching the snow fall.}

{Graham not so sure about being so cold.}

{Toys at Grandma's house.}

{Graham playing with the same ladybug magnets I used to play with when they were on my Grandma Adrian's fridge.}

{My mom and Liam}


Dianna said...

Snow is fun in CA, but not so much here. I'm totally over the novelty of snow now...

Amy Carter said...

still can't believe it snowed there! i'm so happy you took a video.