Monday, February 7, 2011

weekend fun 6:52

Okay, so this fun weekend activity didn't include Chistian or the kids, but I think we can make an exception.

To show our support for the Youngs on the one-year anniversary of the passing of their sweet little boy, Cooper, a group of friends and I had a little gardening party at the Youngs' house. Who knew a day in February could be so beautiful and warm (dare I say hot)?

We weeded, the boys made a compost run and mixed in new soil, I had fun pruning rose bushes, and the kids helped Pat sow some seeds in the vegetable beds. Lindsey even dug up a bone...

The best part of the morning? Just hanging out and chatting with friends while we worked in the yard (if you could even call it work).

In memory of Cooper and in anticipation of the upcoming arrival of their baby girl--enjoy your garden, Pat and Lindsay!

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