Thursday, February 3, 2011

weekend fun 5:52

This weekend Graham got a tattoo. (And it still hasn't washed off...)

We went to Drake's 2nd birthday party and had so much fun. First we accidentally went over the Bay Bridge on our way up to Albany. We were on 880 and somehow found ourselves heading toward the city. Thank goodness for Treasure Island. And the view was amazing. Too bad this picture ended up blurry.

Drake's rock star party was a hit! Graham wore his rock star fingerless gloves (made by my friend Christina) and got his first tattoo when he picked up his VIP pass at the front door. We had fun chatting with friends and Graham had a blast being a rock star...with a pan flute... Yeah. He's hard core.


Jeni said...

Our good friends in Berkeley watch Drake while his mom is at work. He and William got to play together one day. :)
Small world!

Dr. aafb said...

I am so glad that we could be a part of your year of weekend fun!