Sunday, February 6, 2011

6-week check up

While many of you will skip this post (and that is aaaaabsolutely fine), I know some of you are curious about how my 6-week postpartum check up went. In my opinion, it went well for 3 reasons.

1. Turns out my stitches didn't heal correctly (just like with Graham). Are you wondering how in the world that could possibly be good news? Because that means some of the discomfort can be attributed to that and not the prolapse, which means I will likely feel much better in a week or two.

2. The doctor classified my prolapse as a Stage 1. Based on what I've researched, I would have said it was a Stage 2, but if she wants to call it a Stage 1, I'm all for that. Why fight a good thing?

3. I also found out my pelvic floor muscles are pretty weak. Yep. That's good news to me. That means there's lots of room for improvement. (Aaaand tighten, and release, aaaaand tighten, and release...)

So I've been feeling quite positive. Going to do lots of walking this week and I'm hoping to do some very light walk/jogs in the weeks following. I can't wait to exercise!

Who wants to go on a bike ride? My bike is calling my name...from the garage... Oh, how I love having a garage.


Anonymous said...

I wish it was nice enough here to go for a bike ride. I hope your body heals well and quickly so you can BRING ON THE EXERCISE!!

Ashley C. said...

I was riding my bike today and thought of you! A wondered when you would be able to ride again! Come with me!