Thursday, January 27, 2011

weekend fun 4:52

Half Moon Bay plant nurseries! We went in search of half wine barrels for our new apricot tree (inexpensive little bare root from OSH) and blueberry bush (Costco!). We obviously won't be living in this rental forever, so when we leave we want to be able to take these things with us.

We quickly found out that all the nurseries in Half Moon Bay are sold out of wine barrels. What?? Luckily we spotted two as we drove by one of the nurseries. So we snatched them up!!

I also came home with a nice little collection for my garden. They are all tiny, but they will grow. Two varieties of yarrow, two varieties of lavender, delphinium, ornamental oregano, a beautiful salvia (sinaloa sage), and two tiny house plants to hang on our ladder. I can't wait to plant everything!

Graham was bored most of the time, but had a blast wandering through the fruit trees and playing in the car while Christian and a nursery employee strapped the barrels onto our car. Liam slept (strapped to a flat with a bungee cord...).



Packet of Seeds said...

My most favorite nurseries are found in Half Moon Bay!

Amy Carter said...

I'll have to come down soon to see them.

Good job on keeping up with your weekend activities!

ps. can you remove the need to have word verification in order to make a comment?

Ashley said...

AWESOME pics! You guys are muy resourceful in transporting big barrels and wee babies.