Thursday, January 27, 2011

weekend fun 3:52

We decided to spend the day in the city, First we hit up an estate sale on Haight. Nothing interested us, but I thought about seeing if they'd sell me some of the moss-covered bricks piled in the yard. (I want to make a path in my vegetable garden.) On second thought, I called my mom and found out she had some brick pieces she could give us.

So we walked down the street a bit to the touristy part of Haight and had lunch. Graham waved at everyone working in the restaurant. Liam slept.

Then we hung out with Amy and Ivan and walked downtown with them to do some shopping at Zara. Liam cried, ate, then slept. And we found some cute stuff for Graham!

Graham slept through dinner and gelato (poor tired little guy). Liam hung out looking adorable on Amy's carpet.

A fun day, indeed. Thanks for hanging out with us, Amy, Ivan, Diego, and Luca!

(Amy--can you send me the pictures of the boys all sitting in the doorway?)


Amy Carter said...

i'm so glad you guys were able to hang out all day! it was so nice.

i am way behind on posting my photos... i'll try to do it this weekend!

Ashley said...

Cute, cute, so fun to see Diego and Luca . . . what are the chances we can get Amy to start a blog?