Friday, January 7, 2011

we need magnum

I went outside this morning and found a gift on our car. Who knew Santa came in January? I sure didn't.

What did Santa leave us? A stack of gift cards! A stack. We are still in shock.

We have our suspicions about who helped Santa. The cute handwriting, the wrapping paper, the box it was in. But we're not sure, so if Santa wants to be anonymous, we will let the big, jolly guy be anonymous.

And we will thank Santa on our blog.

Thank you, Santa! We're not sure why you made an appearance in January (Late Christmas? New baby? Christian's eternal job hunt? My awesome bladder? All of the above??), but you made our morning (and our month)!

Thank you!!


Kim said...

Dang girl! That's awesome! Merry Christmas to you:)

Kerri said...

FANTASTIC!!!!! What an AWESOME surprise! Even BETTER than during the spirit of giving :)

Ashley said...

Best gift ever. Wish I could take the cred!

Dianna said...

That's the coolest gift EVER! I wish someone would do that for us! Enjoy it! :)