Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a much better day


* Showered.
* Watched Graham, Maisie, and Liam.
* Did laundry.
* Did dishes.
* Dusted.
* Swept.
* Organized.
* Spent lots of time developing a lesson plan.
* Cooked food for dinner.
* Ran around like a chicken with its head cut off.
* Felt like I didn't give enough attention to any of the kids.
* Taught my ESL class (first night back).
* Came home and cleaned some more (the more you do before bed, the less you'll have to do the next morning).
* Had a permanent back ache from about 2pm until I went to bed.


* Stayed in my pajamas.
* Watched Graham, Maisie, and Liam.
* Had a wonderful chat with the Jehovah's Witnesses who stopped by my door--I love respectful, heartfelt religious discussions.
* Spent the next half hour on a spiritual high.
* Read books with Maisie and Graham.
* Blew bubbles for ML and G.
* Hung out in the back yard with ML and G.
* Smothered G in kisses and hugs (and ML, too--couldn't leave her out).
* Coo-ed at Liam.
* Snuggled with Liam.
* Did some dishes and laundry.
* Whipped up a lesson plan for my class.
* Threw two yams in the oven and called them "dinner."
* Let Graham play in the shower with me while Christian watched the other kids.
* Taught my ESL class.
* Had a nice long chat on the phone with my dad about religion, memory, the etymology of words, playing sports, and getting older.
* Stayed up way to late just so I wouldn't have to move this warm little baby off my lap.

I think today was a much better day.


Julia Wade said...

i wish i had a like button here ;) (am i addicted to facebook?) i hear you on this one for sure ... some days you feel you are spinning your wheels other days are magic :)

and i also hear you on the back pain for sure

Chelle said...

I think that is one of the greatest challenges of being a mom--trying to find that "balance" between getting things done that have to get done, but also playing with your kids and making sure you give them a lot of love and attention. It's something I wonder if I did (met the balance) every day. One thing I try to do is have the kids help me with stuff (obviously you can't do this right now with Liam but he will get older!) like, Turin LOVES to pour in the laundry detergent and shove in the clothes. And Siena loves to match the socks. I make it a game.

Emma and Dan said...

I think that you balanced everything just right, and I am glad to hear that you are feeling well enough to do so much.
I love the to do list. I definitely don't do everything each day yet, but at least I have a focused goal for everyday.

Amy Carter said...

can't believe you're already starting up ESL again.