Monday, January 10, 2011

gots to get me some swag

I noticed two hooks in the ceiling in the corner of my bedroom. That can only mean one thing:

I need a swag lamp.

Perhaps like this:

Or this:

Or this:

Although I think my lamp of choice would be a simple white milk glass lamp like this. Oh, so pretty.

Granted, that sounds expensive and hard to come by.

The lamp would hang over my mirror (which I am oh-so-close to finishing). I can picture it all in my head... I may never want to leave my room again.


Packet of Seeds said...

I'll keep my eye out for a "swag lamp" for you...I see them all the time at estate sales. They can be had for a deal of a price. It is the only way to go

Chris said...

Amazing how time repeats itself. The first green lamp reminds me of the 60's when we were first married. I like the last one the best. Good luck with the search.

Em said...

Love the last one!

And on an unrelated note, I admire your attitude about the prolapse. I'm glad you've found hope in hard work and others's success stories, and wish you luck in your training for the Lake Tahoe race in September!

Dana said...

So Fun. I'll go pick it out with you!

Ashley C. said...

I want them all! I have plans of hanging something in the dining room someday.