Wednesday, December 29, 2010

post-baby race

While I can't exercise yet (heck--walking around still hurts), I've picked a post-baby race goal! I'd like to run the US Half Marathon "The Other Half" on April 10th in San Francisco. I don't plan to start running until after my 6-week check up, so that will leave me with only 10 weeks to train. Hmmm. Do you think I can do it? Do you think that's enough time? 10 weeks sounds fast. After I had Graham, I ran the Sequoia Trail Run after 10 weeks of training, but I ran up until 20 weeks with Graham. I didn't run at all during my pregnancy with Liam.

Pre-6-week check up: Lots of walking
Post-6-week check up running schedule:
Week 1: 1 mile
Week 2: 1 mile
Week 3: 2 miles
Week 4: 2 miles
Week 5: 3 miles
Week 6: 4 miles
Week 7: 6 miles
Week 8: 8 miles
Week 9: 10 miles
Week 10: Race day?

Runner friends--How would you lay out your training if you had 10 weeks?


Erica said...

Um, you make me want to jump off a bridge. Holy crap. Running? 6 weeks post partum? No, thank you. Out-of-shape fatties like me hate new moms like you. lol!! :) Good luck!!

LJ, DC and ML said...

Holy Cannoli, you're nuts. Way to go mama.

jena wise said...

LOL at Erica's comment.
My main concern is finding time to run. But I think your plan looks pretty darn good. And honestly - if you don't run the whole stinking thing, who cares? You would still finish and that alone is a huge accomplishment.
If you find one a month or so later than that I'd love to join :). Not due for 23 more days (but who's counting).

Courtney said...

do it!! I just did a half in December after 8 weeks of training and I think it was enough time. I hadn't just had a baby of course, but I ran maybe 4-5 times over the whole previous summer so I was totally out of shape when I started training.

Have you seen the running coach at You put in a bunch of info about how long you have to train, how hard to want to train, your last race time, age, etc. and then it calculates a schedule for you. You should check it out! When you get to the website go to "training" then you'll see "smartcoach." Good luck!

Amy Carter said...

I say start with a 5K and work your way up. Especially since you haven't run in quite a while. Given how many races there are out there, I'm sure you'll have your pickings of a later 1/2 marathon to run.

Jules said...

I agree with Amy, but I don't love half marathons. 5K is my favorite distance. I am giving myself a year goal. I have wanted to do the Big Sur Half for 2 years now. 2009 it was sold out, 2010 I had just had a baby. This will be the year!