Sunday, December 5, 2010

homegrown gourds

The squirrels in our neighborhood ate our decorative gourds last Halloween and buried the seeds in my pots. This year about 8 plants sprouted on their own. I tried to grow them in various pots, but they really just needed to be in the ground. One plant grew (semi) successfully, and it yielded a whopping TWO gourds. Okay, make that one and a half gourds.

But look how cute they look on my little cake stand!

(The mini pumpkin was purchased at the pumpkin patch this year, and the green scale was my favorite find at the antiques street fair in Cayucos. I love it!)

A few more new gourd plants just sprouted a couple weeks ago, so I think I'll plant them in the ground here at our new place and see if they do anything. I know they won't want to grow during the winter, but this is California, so you never really know what kind of weather we'll get. It's better than just letting them struggle in pots, right?


Carbonneau said...

cute plants, when you have the new baby you need to put a platter on the scale and put the baby on the scale for a picture (put him on his tummy with his arms and legs tucked),I've seen one like that, so cute! love the scale.

Packet of Seeds said...

I have a green scale just like yours! I also have black, white and red ones too. All gotten at estate sales...Don't you wonder what were they weighing back then, and why we don't use them now? Actually, I do use mine, sometimes. Love them.