Friday, December 10, 2010

from nesting to not caring

We moved. Success. We got a Christmas tree. Success.

And I'm finished.

As of 2 weeks ago, I had a million things I wanted to accomplish. Packing up our place. Moving. Decorating for Christmas. Getting a Christmas tree. Finishing making our stockings. Making that pretty felt Christmas tree decoration.

And I did it! With the help of others, of course. We had lots of help packing, moving, and unpacking for which I am incredibly grateful.

I had energy until Tuesday of this week. That night I stayed up too late, woke up every hour or so from indigestion or having to pee, and got up too early.

After that I pretty much shut down.

Luckily my mom was here on Wednesday and took care of me, Graham, and Dixie. (Not to mention she unpacked and arranged Graham's room and it looks adorable.)

I've felt sick on and off since then and am just past the point of caring.

We haven't even begun to unpack or arrange our own room, and I really don't care. We have the most beautiful Christmas tree. (We cut it down today! I LOVE it!) It's not decorated, and I really don't care. There are some things I need to add to my hospital bag, but my stomach is too upset tonight to actually get up and grab the stuff. I should probably write out some basic instructions for taking care of Graham before we run off to the hospital, but I'm too tired.

The nesting period is obviously over.

I'm so worn out I don't even want to go into labor. Really, who wants to go into labor when they're already exhausted? So I've been telling the baby to stay in a bit longer until I can muster up the energy (or will power) to push him out.

Is it bedtime yet?


jena wise said...

Sounds like labor might be coming soon!

And when is 9pm not bedtime? Never in my house. Friday night? Even better :)

I hope you aren't getting sick. I'm sure your body just wants you to rest before the big day. I'm a little jealous you're almost there!

Ashley said...

Yep, TOTALLY sounds like he's coming. Take every second to rest until then! Seriously, no need at all to come over tomorrow! Send Graham over with your mom and you SLEEEEEEP while you still can!

Julia Wade said...

oh molly! you have been a CHAMP this late in your pregnancy. i am your #1 fan, that is for sure. cannot wait for the arrival of your little boy ... so incredible to think it's so soon!! rest up. i'm thinking about you.

Dyan said...

You are amazing. I am so glad you had people to help you move. Take it easy and hopefully the baby will give you a few more days!

Kerri said...

uh oh. time is near.

(not fair...that was MY response when reading it, I didn't cheat and read the other comments first :)

Amazingly, it all works out. Exhausted or not, it works, and you catch up on your sleep eventually.