Saturday, November 6, 2010

happy 30th birthday, christian!

Today, Christian turns 30. As of a few days ago, I thought he was turning 29. Turns out I'm the one who turned 29 this year. I seem to confuse myself. So in honor of the big 3-0, here are 30 facts about Christian:

1. He looks good with long, short, and shaved hair. That means if he ever goes bald, he'll still look hot.
2. He is a kid magnet.
3. He is an awesome daddy.
4. He is the oldest of 4 kids.
5. His (our) last name comes from Switzerland. Some day we'll visit there together.
6. He sometimes humors the neighbor boys and breaks out his skateboard to skate with them in our parking lot.
7. He can watch three 1-year-olds all day all by himself. (Naps, feeding, diapers...)
8. He's a night owl.
9. He loves the Simpsons, Futurama, Adam Sandler, and Jim Carey like nobody's business. It was a never-ending quote-fest when Richard lived with us.
10. He's a big fan of cayenne pepper.
11. He prefers Pepsi over Coke.
12. He prefers Mug Root Beer over all others.
13. He wants to fly helicopters.
14. He has been talking about owning a private island since I met him (and before, I'm sure).
15. He once gave a speech in front of his public speaking class about me. He called it "Tribute to Molly" and sent me a VHS copy at BYU for my birthday.
16. I've only seen his chin once in the 7 1/2 years I've known him.
17. I love listening to him speak Portuguese.
18. He has a messed-up knuckle that prevents him from wearing a wedding ring.
19. When he first met me, he thought I was way older than him.
20. When I first met him, I thought he was dating his sister (I didn't know she was his sister--it's just that they always showed up to things together).
21. He is very, very patient with me.
22. I've only seen him cry a few times. It breaks my heart when he does.
23. He is a very sincere person with a genuinely loving heart.
24. He's fun to be around and makes me (and most people) laugh.
25. He likes to buy himself clothes and is quite stylish when he dresses up. In fact, he may very possibly get tired of me telling him how good he looks. I can't help it.
26. He would be happy to volunteer as your husband's personal fashion police.
27. I am 100% positive I made the right decision by marrying him.
28. He has a lot of self-confidence. I love this.
29. He doesn't snore. (He does laugh in his sleep, though.)
30. When I first started dating him, people would ask me what he was like and all I could say was, "He's just so nice!" And it's true.

If you can't get enough of tidbits about Christian, the stuff I posted 3 years ago is pretty fun, too.

So in honor of Christian's 30th birthday, I think my readers should share what they like about Christian... Ready, go!


Julia Wade said...

the big 3-0 christian!! happy happy birthday!! we love you for your loyalty and infectious laugh. favorite memory: avenue of the giants half marathon in humboldt - camping out and rocking the race and then buying delicious strawberries on the way home. we love you three (almost four!)

Kerri said...

Happy Birthday, Christian! What I like best about you is you have great taste in girls -- what a wife you got! And I like your unhurried style of life. And I like that you live adventurously. Happy Birthday!

Veronica Cleverly said...

I love my brother too! I still think it is funny you thought I was dating him. Fashion police is welcome anytime in my home. Josh just hates shopping. He would rather go out to eat.

webster said... 3 toddlers...crazy! Who does he watch? I'm busy enough with my two. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTIAN! I always enjoyed Christians personality...and if I remember correctly he has a pretty awesome laugh!
Hope the pregnancy is going by fast! Congrats

Amy Carter said...

hope you had a great birthday christian! i love that you make molly happy... and diego too, of course. you're his favorite.

Ashley said...

Christian is the most like-able guy I know. Especially to kids! And have I ever told you Justin Timberlake reminds me of Christian? That's a huge compliment--to both of them! Happy Big 3-0 Christian!

Dianna said...

Fashion Police Officer Christian, please come over and fix Bob's wardrobe. Thanks! :)

hehe, I love my brother. You and Christian are perfect together!

Tyler said...

Happy Birthday Christian!

Camelia Bradshaw said...

Christian was the first person we met a few days before we moved to Los Altos ward and he hooked us up with people who have become our life long friends. We can't thank him enough. So Molly, you are right, he IS a very nice guy and Happy 30th birthday to him. Your family is super beautiful!