Wednesday, November 3, 2010

halloween hauntings

I was a bee.

Christian was a zombie zookeeper (or a mauled zookeeper--take your pick).

Graham was a vampire bat.

I love Halloween!

Modeling his bat wings with Grandma.

Getting ready to carve pumpkins.


My boys!

All 4 of us. I swear my belly isn't quite as huge as it looks in the first picture. Or maybe it is...

Diego, Graham, and Luca getting ready to trick-or-treat in the city.

Trick or Treat!

Trick or treat or hang out with a skeleton.

Fellow bats.

Happy Halloween!


Jenni said...

I think Graham is the cutest vampire bat ever!

Kerri said...

OKay, that's won hands down. But does it count that I'm checking your winning post WHILE I'm uploading my Halloween pics? No. Let's face it, I'm a better procrastinator than you are :) I never thought I'd take that championship away from you, but at last, it has come (do you STILL sleep with the alarm clock in order to snooze it more conveniently?) The vampire bat was the BEST idea ever with those adorable teeth!...or did you have the middle ones pulled just for halloween?

Molly said...

Kerri--I DO still sleep with my alarm! It's my phone and I keep it under my pillow, but only because I don't have a side table for it. And, yes, I can easily push snooze every 9 minutes for as long as I need until I'm late enough to have to get up. :)It must have REALLY sucked to have shared a room with me. Ha!

Amy Carter said...

cute pics. i'm so happy you guys came up!

Chelle said...

Great Pics!!! Your costumes are the best! Can't believe Graham is so big. Such a cute family! Jared

Tamra said...

That is an AWESOME owl!