Wednesday, November 3, 2010

graham's birthday party

I finally figured out why I never get around to putting pictures on my blog when I'm home and have access to them. All our pictures are on our Mac Mini. Our Mac Mini is hooked up to our TV. The TV is constantly on. I'm not exaggerating. It finally occurred to me that whenever I'm home at night, the TV is on, therefore I have no access to the pictures on the Mac MIni. Christian is at soccer tonight, so you get some pictures.

We barely took any pictures of Graham's birthday party. Oops!

Graham is not crying or whining here. I think he might be smiling for the camera. He kept making this face for us and then laughing. It was hilarious.

He "ate" cake. That means he poked around at the frosting, tasted a little, rubbed it on his face (and behind his ears), then proceeded to drop the cake over the side of the high chair. Twice. This was WAY more entertaining to him than actually eating cake.

Charlie and Max helping Graham open his gifts. Look at that shiny hair!

And a picture of Graham at home with his new train from Dixie (and Eve and Sean). He LOVES this train. He loves his other gifts, too, but I don't seem to have pictures of them right now.

I can't believe my little boy is a year old! I can tell time is going to keep flying by. We love this little guy!


Ashley said...

He is SOOOOO Christian in that second picture! Sorry Charlie and Max were all over his present-opening! Cute cute Graham. Nobody deserves a happier birthday!

whitney said...

awww! what a cutie pie one year old! i love his vampire teeth!

Kerri said...

happy birthday! surely he wore real clothes at SOME point in the day?