Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I've always said that Christmas celebrations should start after Thanksgiving. This year I'm having a hard time listening to my own advice. November is turning out to be a complete blur. How is it already the 17th? In addition to wrapping things up at work, I've been making a billion lists (and checking them twice). My lists include...

* What to pack on which days.
* Where everything should go in the new place.
* What needs to be done to move out of our current apartment.
* What to grab at the last minute on the way to the hospital (hospital bag is packed!).
* What I need to do Thanksgiving week to prepare for our family 5k, which I am once again excited to organize (I obviously will not be participating in the race this year.)
* Christmas gift ideas (gots to get on this ASAP).

Last week that sounded like a lot and I was incredibly overwhelmed. This week I feel fine. Why? (Logical answer is probably that I'm on an upswing of the pregnancy emotional rollercoaster.) I'd like to say it's because if I had the baby today, I could just hand someone my lists and feel like things could be taken care of easily. I love making lists.

So now that I'm not all stressed about everything that needs to be done in the quickly-passing days of November, let's talk Christmas.

I want to make these felt Christmas trees:

{Lorajean's Magazine}

And I want to make myself a simple advent calendar. I would, however, fill it with chocolate instead of knickknacks:

{The Purl Bee}

And I'd really like to find the perfect Nativity Set. I've always regretted not getting a set in Sevilla, Spain, when I lived there. Every year they have an amazingly huge Nativity sale that covers an entire plaza. I just couldn't find the perfect set, or wasn't willing to pay the price, which in retrospect probably wasn't that bad, so I didn't get one. Stupid, stupid, stupid. There's nothing like Christmas in Spain.

What I really need to do is finish making stockings and knitting the gigantasaurusrex scarf I started last year.

Or I'll just have a baby and not do any of this. That's a good plan, too.

Are you already thinking about Christmas?


Erica said...

I have a tip for you, regarding the hospital bag items: put a post-it note on your bathroom mirror of the items you can't pack in advance. I've done this with both babies so far, and it has proved extremely helpful when I was leaving the house in the wee hours of the morning and heading for the hospital!

Veeda said...

Um, I started listening to Christmas music last week. :) How is your no sugar going?

Molly said...

Veeda--It's going great! It's been almost 2 weeks and I'm feeling good. I haven't gained any weight since I stopped eating the junk food, which makes me so happy. How is yours going?

mj said...

saw that same advent and loved loved loved it.

i never would have pegged you as a november scrooge. glad you're changing your ways.

i collect nativities. it's my "thing" to get if we travel somewhere cool. i got a tiny one in hong kong amazingly enough. and i'm making {repeat: MAKING} five sets this year for my siblings as a replica of a fabric nativity my mom made for us when we were little and has since given to leah. now all the sibs are jealous so i'm whipping up the best. christmas. present. ever. EVER. but it's hard work. hmmm...

Julia Wade said...

literally cannot believe that you are moving 9 months pregnant. you are seriously my hero. honestly, i'm having a hard time digesting christmas anything right now, just because christmas = baby. i feel like i'm starting to emotionally get there, but man, not there yet. ;)

Ashley said...

I am trying to put off doing Christmas til after Thanksgiving just because I don't want to get burned out (burnt out?) too early. But I can't help thinking about decorations and gift ideas!

I hope you aren't trying to do a lot for the race this year! Oh, and this does not belong in a blog comment but your mom wants to make pumpkin pie so we are off the hook for that.

And yes, going to the hospital puts everything else into perspective! I am jealous that you get a tiny baby for Christmas. Mine got huge.

Mary Dawn said...

You are my hero for moving pregnant. Love your blog and I want that advent calender bad!

Kerri said...

hmmm..into Christmas? Yes...we're in over our heads with our performance of Savior of the World (Steve's playing Joseph, so that's fresh in our minds), and I have been planning our RS Christmas Dinner & Program since Aug, writing the program w/ Cheri about Mary & Joseph, the shepherds, wise men, and of course the baby. organizing musical numbers, etc. etc. etc. Into Christmas. Done.

now, about Thanksgiving...this couldn't be better explained than this: I was talking to my mother-in-law and in all seriousness, I truly honestly asked how her Thanksgiving was. I meant it. And was surprised that even I felt like it must have come and gone by now...

Lorajean said...

thanks for linking to me! love that advent!