Monday, November 1, 2010

catching up on my social life

{Pictures coming soon of our lovely trip to Cambria and our fun Halloween outings. Our pictures are all at home, but I spend most of my time at work, so it's hard for me to remember to post photos when I get home. Sorry!}

This weekend was good for me. On Saturday we went to a party and the ward Trunk-or-Treat with Graham, then a grown-ups party without Graham. On Sunday we went up to the city to trick-or-treat with my sister and her kids (and my parents). It was just what the doctor ordered.

Although in reality I'm sure the doctor would just order more sleep. Read on.

Remember how I (1) tend to have mini meltdowns if I don't get enough sleep, and (2) try to do too much in one week, and (3) am never home, and (4) rarely see friends, and (5) am usually really okay with how busy I am, but (6) periodically complain about it on this blog (hey--it's my blog and I can complain as often as I'd like)? If you don't, you obviously don't read my blog enough.

Oh, and remember how I'm in the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy?

Yeah, so add all those things up, and what do you get?


It's true. After staying up too many nights this week making Halloween costumes, and after planning a caramel-apple-making night with my ESL students, and after a busy week at work, I sat down on Thursday night and started looking at blogs.

Big mistake.

I was tired. It was after 10 at night. And there on a blog were pictures of people hanging out with each other and having fun. People I know. People I like.

And I started to cry.

I said, "Christian, I know I'm just crying because I'm tired, but tonight I don't care about being logical. I just want to vent."

I know I have a great life. I know I have nothing to complain about. But every once in a while we all just need a good vent session.And so I had one.

Christian sat there patiently while I explained that it's hard to be in a different stage of life than so many people I know. How it's hard to be at work when friends are holding daytime or weeknight Halloween parties. How it's hard to be at work for every week-day girls'-night-out or Relief Society activity. How it sucks to see what I would probably be doing if I were in a different stage of life.

And then we talked about his life. How it's hard to be unemployed in this terrible market. How it's hard for him to identify with lots of the guys we know since they, too, are in different stages of life.

And then we talked about our friends who are in the same life situation as us. And how we are grateful that we can identify with them and that it seems normal for them and for us that we only get together every couple of months. And how we're also grateful for those friends we can't really identify with but still love just the same.

And then we were satisfied. So I went to sleep and he stayed up watching TV. Because that's just how we do things.

And I woke up happy.

And this weekend we saw people. Lots of people. And we talked and laughed and had fun.

And I caught up on some much-needed sleep.

'Twas a good week.


Kristen said...

Oh Molly. You know I understand meltdowns. :) Not that I was nearly as busy as you when I was in my third trimester. Hang in there...I'm glad your week ended well. You're amazing and I love you!

mj said...

If it makes you feel any better, i was definitely wishing you and graham were here for the party on friday. you were missed. AND, i also had myself a cry fest this weekend, for different, and similar, reasons. :)

Ashley said...

Your honesty is nice--everyone has different trials but so many people keep them hidden. I too wish you were able to be home and party-ing more! But as you know that is really just sprinkles on the icing of a really good cake of life. You guys have the cake and the icing and the sprinkles will shake out soon. . . I am just excited for you to be closer so we can see you more! BTW, I met your neighbor (on the other side) and she is fabulous--you're going to get along great.