Thursday, December 2, 2010

weekend getaway in cambria

We had a lovely weekend in Cambria (about a month and a half ago... Yeah. I'm a little behind on the blogging). The weather was perfect. My pregnant self prefers overcast, foggy, cool, rainy weather, and that's just what we got.

We stayed in a cute bed and breakfast. However, staying in an old house also meant we could hear everyone else staying there. We're not picky about noise, but it was still strange. And the shower changed from perfect to super hot to perfect to super hot to cold and back to perfect. Then repeat. Ha.

Regardless, I loved it.

And we forgot our camera, so you get some lovely iphone pictures instead.

Ate lots of yummy food.

Spent too much time (and money) in antique shops.

Ate lots of candy.

Hung out in Cayucos--twice. (Such a cute little town!)

Chatted with fishermen.

Saw the elephant seals.

Visited Morro Bay.

Ate french toast and hot chocolate for breakfast both mornings!

Chatted with fellow guests at the bed and breakfast (including some who volunteer at a sea lion and elephant seal rescue center).

Lazily sat on the beach at Spooner Cove.

Used Christian as a crutch as I hobbled around on painful hips (ouch!!).

Ate more good food.

Went to bed nice and early both nights.

Had an amazing time hanging out with Christian. I sure like that boy.


Chris said...

I love all those locations (did you mention Cambria by name?). We spent time there this year also. It's so beautiful.

Amy Carter said...

finally! love that you visited the places i suggested.

ps. why do your photos show up big and pixely now? or is that just on my computer?