Wednesday, October 6, 2010

my bucket list

While I don't plan to kick the bucket any time soon, I thought the idea of making a list of things I'd like to accomplish in my life sounded pretty fun. I think it was Lenessa's way of helping me get over my "I have nothing to plan" slump.

I'm sure this list will change quite a bit throughout my life (or even in the next week), because, really, who knows what other things I'll want to accomplish as I get older?

In no particular order...

1. Live in a foreign country (again).
2. Learn to play the guitar (again and well and not forget this time).
3. Read Jesus the Christ.
4. Scuba dive in Monterey Bay.
5. Own a house with a yard and a garden.
6. Complete an olympic-distance triathlon (and train well for it).
7. Serve a "senior" mission for our church.
8. Travel. Lots. (Perhaps Alaska, Ireland, Scotland, Guatemala, Peru, Africa, Thailand, Bora Bora...)
9. Successfully grow a vegetable garden.
10. Teach my children to be loving, kind, humble, independent, and all-around good people.
11. Take my family camping at least once a year.
12. Learn to reupholster furniture.
13. Have a clutter-free home.
14. Take an overnight train trip in the US.
15. Throw a HUGE fancy party for no reason whatsoever.
16. Fly kites with my kids.
17. Go hang gliding.
18. Send a card by snail mail every month.
19. Adopt a Great Dane.
20. Make a significant donation to a charity every year (even when I think I can't afford it).
21. Do a family service project at least once a year.
22. Make my kids' Halloween costumes.
23. Go on a bike trip.
24. Do 100 (real) pushups in a row.
25. Learn to do pull ups.
26. Keep up my salsa dancing skills by going dancing (that is, if I haven't forgotten how already).
27. Own chickens.
28. Compliment a stranger regularly.
29. Take a dance class as an adult.
30. Leave a ridiculously huge tip for a great server.
31. Pay for a stranger's meal.
32. Pay for the person behind me at a toll booth.
33. Write letters to my kids for when they are older.
34. Throw a dart at a map and travel to where it lands (or best out of three...).
35. Teach an ESL class at the college level.
36. Take my parents on vacation (and not to babysit).
37. Go on at least one all-inclusive vacation.
38. Stay in a yurt.
39. Learn a Scott Joplin song on the piano.
40. Get a facial.
41. Buy a private island. (Love you, Christian!)
42. Sponsor a family for Christmas.
43. Read the Book of Mormon in its entirety every year.
44. Host a dinner party in a really cool outdoor location.
45. Love my husband even more every year.
46. Live within my means (debt free).
47. Obtain a copy of and learn more about my geneology.

I'd love to make it an even 50, but I'm plumb out of ideas.

What's on your bucket list??


LJ, DC and ML said...

Hurray! The list, the list! I love it. Can I just stick your list on my list and call it a day?

mj said...

ooh! i love this. i'm copying YOU now and making my own. is it fair to include things i always wanted to do...and have already accomplished? what a great idea!

LJ, DC and ML said...

Molly sent me your chicken and avocado recipe last night and we had it for dinner. Hit the spot. Yummers. Thanks!

Julie Laughlin said...

some items on my list ---

make money doing something i totally love. i love being a mom, but i'm not making any money! Not millions - just getting paid to do something i love.

travel out of the country.

become great a sewing so i can whip together cute things like you! (and make my kids costumes too!)

love your list!

Dianna said...

I wanna have my own store and a manufacturing factory for the clothes that I sell in my store. And have a working loft for Master Craftsmen to teach Apprentices to learn to sew and make a line,(for people who can't afford to pay for school to learn the craft...)

Molly said...

Maren--Can't wait to see yours. I'm sure it will be good! (No pressure...)

Julie--I forgot about learning to sew (correctly). I play around, but it would be fun to really know how to do it right.

Ooh, Dianna! I like yours!

brooklyn said...

i just told dave two hours ago that i WILL go to burning man before i die.