Wednesday, October 20, 2010

caramel apples

Did you know that before last week, I had only had one caramel apple in my entire life (that I can remember)?

I didn't really like apples growing up, so even candy-covered apples didn't appeal to me. When Veronica visited last year (or was it the year before?), we stopped by the Boardwalk and got caramel apples. Turns out they are yummy! Now that I'm all grow'd up and it's conveniently October (the best time of year), I thought it was time to make one of my own!

Christian and I are pros now.

Gorgeous, darling. Perfect Monday night activity. (Oh my gosh! Does that count as a Family Home Evening?)


Kerri said...

WAY to go :) Cheri has an awesome recipe, and did you try the "boiling a can of sweetened condensed milk"? I've got to be honest, I'm a bit nervous to try it myself. This look GREAT!

Chris said...

Oh they look yummy. I saw a magazine suggestion to dip bottom half and drizzle top half or roll or sprinkle with crushed peanut brittle or toasted pecans.
As a college freshman, my roommate boiled a can of sweetened condensed milk and we ate the whole thing. Just like caramel. Way back then, I'd never even heard of sweetened condensed milk (guess I led a sheltered life).

Dr. aafb said...

Makes me hungry just looking at these!