Wednesday, October 27, 2010

we're moving...

Okay, so we're not moving very far, but we are moving! And we are moving out of our ward boundaries. For my non-LDS friends, this means that we will be moving out of the geographic boundaries of our current ward (congregation) and will now be attending church at a different building with a different group of people. We've been in our current ward for over 6 years and we love it, but, alas, it's time to move on in life.

Time for bigger and better things.

Time for...

(drum roll, please...)

... a duplex.

Yes, it's true. We are downgrading to a 2-bedroom in order to upgrade to a garage and a yard! Then they can be put in the ground where they belong! Who am I kidding? They're about to die.

For those of you who don't live in the Bay Area, this is the next logical step in our progression through ridiculously expensive housing. You live in an apartment for a really long time, then you move into a duplex (and feel like you're living large), then maybe you rent a 3-bedroom house (if you have that kind of money), and eventually you move away and buy a real house. Either that or you manage apartments for years, save up money, and then move away and buy a real house. Every once in a while the select few buy a house locally and actually stay here. We're still dreaming about that.

So all you Lawrence Station Ward-ers, here we come!

More details on the move later...

{Christian said it well in the comments: "We are technically trading a bedroom & bathroom for a garage and gaining a backyard... and saving nearly $300 a month." Not too shabby.}

Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Graham!

I can't believe it has been a year since this amazing little boy came into our lives. We are so grateful for him. For his smiles, his laughter, his babbles, his elusive kisses, and his funny vampire teeth.

We love you, Graham!

The birthday boy with his new vest and new shoes. Happy Birthday, baby!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

chow mein, peas, poops, and a bath

A bit of chow mein and some peas.

Some silliness. (video)

A poop blow out.

Some jewelry and a bath.

And some shenanigans on the couch.

Graham sure loves his Maisie.

caramel apples

Did you know that before last week, I had only had one caramel apple in my entire life (that I can remember)?

I didn't really like apples growing up, so even candy-covered apples didn't appeal to me. When Veronica visited last year (or was it the year before?), we stopped by the Boardwalk and got caramel apples. Turns out they are yummy! Now that I'm all grow'd up and it's conveniently October (the best time of year), I thought it was time to make one of my own!

Christian and I are pros now.

Gorgeous, darling. Perfect Monday night activity. (Oh my gosh! Does that count as a Family Home Evening?)

pumpkin patch

Perfect weather. Perfect company. Perfectly yummy food. What a good day.

And a special Happy Birthday to Grandma Paula! We're glad she chose to spend her big day at the pumpkin patch with us!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Molly!

Graham and I love you LOTS!

(One of my favs from our pumpkin adventure)

happy birthday to me!

I love my birthday! No shame here. I don't mind getting a year older every year.

I really REALLY love my life. I mean, I feel like I have been blessed with so many things throughout my life that I have no reason to complain.

So celebrating one more year every year is great!

With that said...

Happy Birthday to ME!

I love October.

Some day I will make myself this cake for my birthday, and you'll all be invited to the party.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

lake tahoe

We escaped to Tahoe last weekend. It may have been a quick trip, but it was perfect.

Our main purpose in heading up to Tahoe was to snag a used bike trailer from our favorite bike shop up there. Not that we've bought much there, but the owner is really helpful. They sell their rental bikes and trailers at the end of each season, and these were a pretty good price (and just plain cute).

Graham even got a helmet. Luckily once it's on, he forgets about it. Phew! Here he is trying one on at the bike shop.

After buying the trailer, we spent some time on the playground. Graham loves the playground!

Christian compared his hand to the muddy bear paw prints on the way back to the car.

Then we all napped. Ahhhhh.

Then we hopped on our bikes (and in our trailer) and rode (slowly--I am in my 3rd trimester) down the bike path to the Ehrman Mansion beach to watch the thunderstorm over south shore.

It was practically tropical. Warm, distant storm with lightening and thunder, calm water, so quiet, and no one around but the ducks (and seagull).

We may or may not have fed the birds... Graham may or may not have eaten sand...

We watched the storm get closer and closer until we decided it was time to ride home.

As we pushed our bikes back up the sand to the bike path, the wind hit without warning. Pine needles started falling like rain. And then rain started falling like rain.

I rode my bike all the way up the hill (amazing what you can do when a storm is threatening), and by the time we were half way home...





Wind, lightning, thunder, downpour, AND hail.


We rode a little faster than my pregnant self should have, and we screamed and laughed the entire way back. Hail hurts! Needless to say, no one else was dumb enough to be on the trail.

I think Graham just had no idea what was going on, because when we got back, he was completely soaked but still sucking on his pacifier like it was nothing.

Nothing a warm sinkful of water couldn't fix.

We spent the evening listening to the thunder, drinking hot chocolate, and reading our books. I went to sleep at 9pm.

Pure bliss.

(Then we ditched the rain and spent Sunday at Ian and Kitty's house. Perfect way to end the weekend.)