Tuesday, September 7, 2010

will i ever get back to work?

Out on bed rest for 2 months.

Returned to work for 2 days.

Out for a week to take Richard to the Missionary Training Center in Utah.

Out for Labor Day.

Returned to work today: Felt sick last night after driving home from Tahoe. Figured it was just from being in the car. Felt sick this morning while getting ready. Blamed it on the pregnancy. Felt sick on the train. Felt sick on the shuttle.

Threw up by a tree while walking to my office.

Looks like I'm headed back home to my bed for another day.

My poor job. Please don't hate me.


Julia Wade said...

:( sounds like a lot in the last few weeks molly ... ugh, i hate that you're not feeling well.

Ashley said...

Oh no! Nausea is the WORST. I hope it goes away fast and doesn't spread thru the fam. Being pregnant doesn't help, either.

Kerri said...

throwing up while pregnant...so not fun. so sorry to hear

jena wise said...

that sounds awful. do you think the stress of going back made you sick? the other day stress made me throw up in the la salsa bathroom (so embarrassing at the time). I hope you feel better soon so you can regain some normalcy in your life, hon!

Molly said...

Christian got a 24-hour bug in Utah exactly 1 week before I got it here. Seems strange that it could take a week to hit me, but I swear it was the exact same thing he had. I spent all day and night in bed, meaning I essentially spent the better part of 34 hours sleeping. Not sick anymore today, but I'm super weak and could go back to sleep if I weren't at work. I guess that's what happens when you puke for a day and don't eat anything AND you're pregnant. Bleh. Not fun at all.