Monday, September 13, 2010

why caltrain commuters are like primary kids

Getting on and off the train drives me insane. INSANE. Let me explain using an example of a church kids activity from last weekend.

Picture this: 170 kids between the ages of 3 and 11 roaming from one activity booth to another inside a church gym. My booth was Jonah and the Whale. It seemed simple enough. Pack the kids into the "whale" (play tent with a cardboard whale face and tail), have "Jonah" (Christian) tell them a story, and give them a sticker and whale crackers on the way out. Sounds easy, right?

Mr. Whale looking tired before the fun even began...

Enter chaos.

"One at a time" didn't mean a thing to most of them. We pretty much spent two hours straight trying to herd cats: kids trying to get into the whale's mouth before the previous group had the chance to get out, an average of three kids trying to get into the whale's mouth at one time, tripping over the whale (causing the cardoard to tear), and the ever-obnoxious kids who feel the need to say, "That's not a whale--it's a tent with cardboard." Shut up, annoying kid. Go somewhere else if it's not cool enough for you. No crackers for you.

Enter my Caltrain commute.

Without fail, the train pulls up and everyone crowds the nearest door. Um, helloooo, people! You do this every morning! The people on the train have to get OFF the train before you can get ON. Why don't people just stand back until everyone has "detrained?" I don't get it.

This morning I stopped for a moment to let the rest of the bike commuters board the train before me. (They have to get all situated in the bike car, whereas I only need to sit down in a seat. I like the idea of letting them on first so they have more time.)

While I was standing at the edge of the door letting the bikes on, a man behind me pushed past and squeezed in front of me and one of the bikers. Did he think the train was going to leave without him if he let the bikes on first? Or worse, if he let the pregnant lady in front of him on first?

Seriously. Getting on the train makes me want to scream and shout. People are ridiculous. This is not the subway. The doors will not shut while people are trying to get in. We will all get on the train.

Looks like some people never learn to be patient and wait their turn.

I will forever be annoyed.


LJ, DC and ML said...

To add to this annoyance I would like to point out, that in my years of taking the train it was the white people who were the rudest. All the dang time. All the time. Pushing past a preggo lady? Give me a break. When I took the train with a broken ankle (from Thanksgiving through Valentine's Day every day) the ONLY people to ever help, were black guys, hispanic guys (of course, because they were always so nice) and an older white lady who was about to go in for surgery on her knee. Unbelievable, but completely true. What is up with that?!

LJ, DC and ML said...

I want to see pics of the whale!

Dr. aafb said...

This is from Sam a former Caltrain rider...I feel your pain. This is a country with order, act like it. I want to say something racist but I know that's not nice. Thank you for letting the bikers go first. They appreciate you like I did. Long live lines and patience.

Ashley said...

It's situations like these (where people deteriorate into animals) that make the courteous, restrained people even more honorable. It makes me fear how the masses might react in an emergency situation, but makes me appreciate even more the heroes like those of 9-11 who resist natural selfishness and instead sacrifice for others.