Monday, September 13, 2010

Utah pictures!

I will now make up for the horrible lack of photos on this blog by posting way too many at once. You're welcome.

As you all know, Richard left on a 2-year mission for our church a couple weeks ago. So he jumped in a car with Dianna, Paula, and Steve, and Christian and I followed the next day with Graham. Road trip to Utah!

Side note: In case you were wondering after my bad mood post from the other week, no, Richard did not finish cleaning out his room despite getting mad at us for even hinting that he might not. And, yes, I was fuming mad all the way across the desert to Utah. But it turns out all you need is a day in the car and the realization that you're sending a family member away for 2 years to make you realize it really doesn't matter. (Not to mention Dianna and Bob came and took care of almost everything when we got back, meaning the pregnant girl who is about to start her second job doesn't have to. Thank you, Dianna and Bob!) We'll just make him wash our cars and bathrooms when he gets home from his mission as pay back. :)

We had a super fun time in Utah with Christian's family. It was so fun to have everyone together, especially since we never see Veronica and Josh!

On to the pictures!

Pit stop on the 13-hour drive to Utah (Saturday).

We were greeted by a very fancy looking Savannah!

Sunday we completely botched an attempt to hang out with Jared and Michelle. I was so bummed!

Instead, we went to a family BBQ after Mae's baby blessing. Richard and Graham chilled on the grass.

Beautiful Veronica!

We took advantage of the hotel pool before and after church. Had to get our money's worth. (The pictures that included Josh and Savannah were super blurry.)

Chillin' with V poolside while the boys swam with the kids.

Monday morning most of the family went and did a session at the Salt Lake Temple. Veronica and I joined them on Temple Square afterward.

Next up was a trip to the Salt Lake Zoo. I love going to the zoo! (Still Monday)

Christian, Graham, and I popped over to see my good friend Meredith and Coco, and we lucked out--Hilary and Landon were there, too!

Turns out Meredith's lawn was the perfect place for a little kid tossing.

Then we met up with the family for dinner at PF Changs. Richard, Veronica, and new little baby Mae! (All still on Monday...)

To top off the day, we swung by the Salt Lake City Library to visit Ryan at work. Graham and Ryan get along smashingly.

On to Tuesday... We spent Tuesday in Eden, up in the mountains above Ogden. We all packed into a condo and hung out for a day. We swam, we ate, we went on walks, we played games, we laughed. Christian spent the entire day in bed with the flu. Poor guy!!

Graham saw his first grasshopper (a big lazy one).

We took the fastest family picture ever taken. I think my family could use a few pointers on taking fast family photos... Although I could probably use a few pointers on lighting. Oops!

This is how Christian felt all day.

So we joined him on the ground.

We played some Book-of-Mormon-themed card game that was actually really fun. What's it called? I can't remember. Regardless, the best part was when Steve threw a card down so fast that he somehow flipped his piece of cheesecake onto his fork. No one can figure out how he did it.

Wednesday we drove to Provo, had lunch at Cafe Rio (yummy), and dropped Richard off at the Missionary Training Center. So exciting!

Then we drove to Tahoe! However, considering how long this post was, the Tahoe pictures will have to wait until another day...


Erica said...

Wait, how do you and Meredith know Hilary?? She's in my ward here in Visalia!

Molly said...

Oh yeah! Your name totally came up, Erica! Hilary is Meredith's cousin and I got to know her at BYU through Meredith. So of course we talked about how you're in Hilary's ward and Meredith and I know you. It's a small world!

LJ, DC and ML said...

AWwww, Bye Mini! We'll miss you! And ps. I totally miss Josh and V too. :( I want to see that baby Mae!

LJ, DC and ML said...

and ps. Way to go Dianna! I bet it was a relief. Hurray!

Julia Wade said...

so much fun molly! gotta love a family trip in UT! GOOD LUCK RICHARD!

Erica said...

That's pretty cool, Molly! I love those small world moments! :) We love Hilary here - she's super awesome!

Veronica Cleverly said...

The game is called And It Came To Pass. It is a good thing I am here so I can answer all the hard questions