Thursday, September 23, 2010

things i want

Now for the latest installment of "Things I want."

1. A postpartum belly wrap/girdle. I'd love to try to make one myself (since it's essentially just an ace bandage around your belly), but we'll see if that happens. Has anyone used these? There are so many different types out there. I know Veronica is using this one and likes it. Anyone else?

2. This adorable Melissa & Doug walker for Graham. He probably doesn't need it, but how cute is this??

3. An adorable newborn beanie for baby #2. My absolutely favorite newborn picture of Graham is of him wearing the pumpkin beanie I drooled over for weeks. I'd love to have something similar for #2, but it will be Christmas time. Not that I want a Santa hat or snowflakes--I just can't decide what.

4. Rain. I want to wear my rain boots. :)

5. A maternity unitard.

Ha! Not really.


Tamra said...

I'm glad that was a Not Really on the unitard. Cause, wow.

mj said...

you'd look hot in that unitard. don't deny it.

and i'm getting ready to post my own list of things i want. :) too funny. we're on the same birthday wavelength.

nicole said...

hey kaiser gave me an ab compression thing. it was great! just ask your nurse? are you still with kaiser?

Molly said...

I am still with Kaiser. I will ask!

Kerri said...

the only thing i can really help you with IS the'll be in the mail tomorrow.

I got all my belly wraps from the hospital.

Braden and Cheri said...

let me know when you choose a belly wrap. I have a serious diastasis recti that hasn't diminished since Keara and I'd love to have something with more support to wear full time. Even a year post partum.