Sunday, September 26, 2010

planning out my life

I'm a planner, for sure. I knew quite young that I wanted to study abroad in Spain during my third year of college. I planned out every detail and made it happen. Throughout college I loved planning out my years on paper, altering the plan on a regular basis.

Then there was planning for a wedding. Then graduate school. And a baby. Then planning out the final years of Christian's degree (hey, I had run out of things to plan so he had to humor me).

And now?

Now... there's no plan.

What can I plan?

I can't plan Christian's job hunt. That's one of those things we just have to patiently suffer through.

I'm not about to plan out Graham's life. He's 11 months old, for crying out loud.

We don't need to plan for the second baby. We have what we need and pretty much know what we're doing.

I can't plan classes for myself (like Adult Ed certification or an upholstery class), because with two jobs I don't have time for those kinds of things.

As a planner, it's hard for me to just sit and go with the flow without making a plan.

Last week, Christian brought up the idea of going to graduate school in the near future. Naturally, I jumped on the idea and the rusty wheels in my head started turning. Studying for the GMAT, submitting applications, funding another degree, moving to a smaller place in order to save money. I was in planning heaven. Details, details, details!

I think I overwhelmed Christian. Oops. Maybe I'll wait to plan that out until it's more than just an "idea."

Last night I went to dinner with friends to wish Julie good luck on her cross-country move (we'll miss you, Julie!!) and ended up with this fortune in my cookie.

And I thought, ummmm, what plans??


Ryan said...

I know exactly how you feel. I'm currently 'between plans.' It's a very scary but exciting transition. Consider this when thinking about your lack of plan: knowing that you are on the verge of create a NEW life plan means your possibilities are, to use a tired cliche, endless.

LJ, DC and ML said...

I am exactly the same way, as we have discussed. I'm loving that little bee on your fortune cookie, where did it come from? Super cute.

Julie Laughlin said...

i didn't know that was your fortune! how perfect. can't wait to see how your plans (or lack of?) pan out!