Tuesday, September 14, 2010

pictures from my phone

I think some of my favorite pictures come from my phone. Here is the latest installment (so that I can delete them from my phone).

Waking up while Christian was at Zion's Camp. I slept in Graham's room all week and got to pull him in bed with me when he would wake up.

Graham loves the washer and dryer. Our neighbor loves to bang on the ceiling when Graham crawls into the laundry room anytime before 9am. I can only imagine the terrible ruckus a 19-pound baby makes crawling around in his pajamas...

He loves to smile for the camera.

Christian may never forgive me for posting this. He fell asleep looking for a job. Hand on the mouse and everything.

When did this kid start looking so old??

First ride on Caltrain (just last week). We will be riding the train home together every Monday. Christian and I swap at Stanford when I finish work and he starts.

My first harvest of the season. The world's most perfect pepper. This is not a chili pepper. It is a piquillo pepper from Spain, saved from the seeds from last year's CSA.

Yesterday on our walk home from the train we stopped at the grocery store. I only purchased the essentials, as you can see...


Chris said...

I'm so glad you take such cute pictures and send them to me often. Texting is great!

Kerri said...

WOW! SO much hair is so foreign to me, but oh so good looking :) And even with my baldt babies, I still manage to go through baby shampoo like crazy...why do I pretend they have hair?

Amy Carter said...

my favorite kind of post.