Wednesday, September 22, 2010

illustrations and worksheets for teachers

So every once in a while I come across a web site I really like. The other week I was lucky enough to stumble upon the most helpful ESL (English as a Second Language) site ever! I am forever struggling to find useful worksheets and images for my beginning ESL students. is my new favorite site, and I feel like my curriculum is going to be much more complete this year thanks to what I've found here. Here's the thing--you can use a lot of his images and worksheets for elementary-school classrooms or at home with your kids!

The web site is put together by an ESL teacher whose passion is illustrating. All the downloadable images and worksheets on his site are free, which absolutely blew me away. I donated to his site via paypal (and would recommend that you do the same if you end up using lots of his stuff). He deserves it! It is obvious he has put a lot of time into the site just to help out fellow teachers. (Plus he gave me a shout out on his podcast, which totally surprised me!)

I'm tempted to use some of his adorable illustrations as decorations in Graham's room. Love them! See for yourself...

Animals and the Alphabet

Occupations Flash Cards

Verbs Flash Cards

Vocabulary Flash Cards

Grammar Worksheets

This may sound silly, but finding this site feels like such a blessing in my life right now. I often don't have as much time as I'd like to prepare supplemental materials for my classes, and being unprepared often makes me feel like a bad teacher. Add that to the fact that I don't see Graham at all on the days I teach, and it can get me pretty down. In just one day I was able to find supplemental pictures and worksheets for half my curriculum thanks to this site. I am grateful!


LJ, DC and ML said...

AND, they are super cute on top of it. Love the little weight-lifter, and LOVE that you were able to get so much completed. :)

Amy Carter said...

very cool!

but sad that you don't get to see graham...