Monday, August 9, 2010

weekend getaway contest winners

I FINALLY figured out what to do for our weekend getaway. I have been searching bed and breakfasts (feeling really guilty about spending a lot of money but not wanting to stay in a boring yucky motel room), craving a trip to Tahoe (but not wanting to count that as our weekend getaway), and craving cool weather, pumpkins, and everything Autumn.

So here is the plan:

1. To fulfill my Tahoe craving, we will postpone the weekend getaway a bit and go to Tahoe in September instead. We'll take Graham. I will go swimming in the lake. (Oooooh. That sounds nice right now.) We will go on a little hike and finally use our baby backpack. We will take naps. We will only spend money on gas. I like it.

2. For our pre-baby/sans-child weekend getaway we'll go to Cambria in October! That way it can double (triple?) as a birthday getaway for the two of us. We are going to stay at the Ollalieberry Inn bed and breakfast. It is small and cute, it won an award from, and they offer cooking classes and a cookbook. I don't actually care about taking a cooking class, but that says to me that the breakfast is going to be YUMMY! French toast, here I come! Plus I reserved the only non-frilly room in the place. Love it.

So the question is... Who won the contest? Let's look at the entries:

Cheri was the first to respond and reminded me that I wanted to head south to the Cambria/Cayucos area (in which Paso Robles is included). I had forgotten. She also made me really want to stay in a bed and breakfast, which we have never done.

Lenessa gave a thumbs up to heading down to the Paso Robles/Pismo area and volunteered to help watch Graham.

Jenni thirded (you know, comes after "seconded") the area and suggested Cambria--which is where we chose to stay!

Amy/Arthur fourthed the area.

Erica suggested camping in Cayucos and lots of fun physical activities. I may be too pregnant come October, but good suggestions.

Aubrey suggested staying at SpinDrift in Monterey, and I am always in search of recommendations for hotels so that I don't have to search and search.

Ella recommended the Big Sur Lodge. I want to go to there.

Amy reminded me that heading south makes for an easy kid drop off at my parents' house, and she can tell me everything I need to do in the Cambria area since she made that trip last year.

Ashley likes candy.

And Madika suggested Big Sur yurts and waffles. Yurts and waffles! That will be next year's trip!

Drum roll please...

Cheri is clearly the top winner! She was the first person to remind me that I wanted to visit the Paso Robles/Cambria area and got me hooked on the idea of a bed and breakfast.

And everyone else's suggestions overlapped. How could I choose a second winner? I'm terrible at making decisions, so... I choose all of you! Everyone wins second place!

Send me your addresses via email or facebook message. Those who didn't specify a candy type will get whatever I feel like giving you. All you lovely locals will get a doorbell ditch package rather than mail delivery.

Hurray for vacation and hurray for candy!


LJ, DC and ML said...

You are too cute mama. I loved all the suggestions on this list. I want yurts and waffles today too!

Bevin said...

Yay! Thank you for the mention (of We're glad to help you find a great place to stay on your getaway.

Veronica Cleverly said...

And you will have a little family get-a-way in a few weeks that I am thrilled about. Can't wait for you guys to come and see Mae.