Thursday, August 12, 2010

how i spend my money

I actually don't like spending money. I spend too much of it, but I don't like it. I'd rather have a big savings. My friend, Julianne, recently posted an article about what kind of spending makes people happy. Like most of us, we have to pick and choose how we can use our limited funds. In times like these, I can't help but think about what kind of spending makes me happy.

{Obvious but important side note: Even though I like spending money on some of these things, it doesn't mean I always can. And even though I don't like spending money on some of these things, it doesn't mean I wouldn't enjoy them if they were free...}

I like spending money on travel. We have been on many fun vacations in the last 6 years and I hope to go on many more.

I don't like spending money on eating out. I like food, but not that much.

I like spending money to send things in the mail. That's why I came to the conclusion that I wanted to send candy to my friends who helped me plan my weekend getaway.

I don't like spending money on haircuts. I'll admit it. I'm too lazy to do my hair. I find it hard to spend lots of money on my hair when I wear it in a ponytail every day. Although I do like actually having my hair cut (and I love my Lindsey), this is one of those things I opt out of when money is short.

I like spending money on races. However, because my funds are limited, I'm often picky about the races I'll pay for. I have to really want to do that race.

I like spending money on charities. I don't so this often enough. I need to more since I highly enjoy it.

I always want to spend money on makeup and accessories, but I know I don't even use what I have, so I don't. Super cute earrings are the exception. I know I'll wear those.

I don't like spending money on clothes. I love having cute clothes, but it takes some convincing for me to buy them. This is why I will probably never dress exactly the way I'd like to.

I do not buy DVDs. I rarely watch things more than once, so this has always seemed like a big waste of money for me. The exception will be kids movies. Eventually.

I like to spend money on crafts and stuff for projects. I could spend a lot of money on making things, and it would make me happy.

I don't like spending money on going out to the movies. It's a lot of money. I'd rather rent. But Christian likes going out to the movies, and I like doing anything that's with him, so I like going by default.

I don't like spending money on electronics. Our TV has been acting up, and I dread the idea of spending our money on a TV. A TV, people. Bleh.

I like buying things I've wanted for a really long time. I just ordered a pair of rain boots, because 1) they were on sale, 2) I had a $10 off coupon, 3) shipping was free that day, and 4) I wanted some every time it rained last winter. Feels good to wait until I'm positive I want something before I get it. I need to do this more often instead of impulse buying.

I like spending money on gummy candy.

I'm not interested in spending money on a nice car. My husband is, so eventually we will. He has to be happy, too, you know.

I like spending money on pedicures and massages, but my frugality conscience keeps me from doing so except on rare occasions.

Without telling them what this post is about, I just asked Christian and Richard what they like to spend their money on. Without hesitation they blurted out "food, clothes, entertainment, electronics." Awesome. I knew Christian's list would be different than mine. That's what compromise is for, right?

Christian just added that he likes to spend money on traveling. Awww. That's my #1. He's my #1.

What kind of spending makes you happy?


Christian said...

You can't think of it being a TV. It is our computer monitor 1st and a TV on the side. So when this "computer monitor" dies I'm buying a bigger nicer one, so we can easily see it from the couch.

Em said...

It's sad that out of all of these, the gummy candy was what stuck with me the most. Although traveling would technically be my number one, too, I was at the store tonight and would easily have slapped down $10 to get the 10/$10 deal on Haribo gummi bears. The only reason I didn't was because my husband was right there watching me grab them up and quickly put a stop to it. Scrooge.

Ashley C. said...

I like spending money on eating out, plants, going to the movies and travel.

Dianna said...

I like spending money on fabric, patterns, craft stuff, and PartyLite. Only I'm stingy and will only buy the stuff when it's cheap or on sale, like 99 cents for a pattern that way I can get 20 patterns for the cost of 1 1/2.

Oh and I don't really like to spend too much money on clothes, my limit for a shirt is $6 and I just got a bunch for $4 each at Wet Seal.

Overall I like to spend money, I just get sad when it all runs out...

Emma and Dan said...

I thought of you immediately when I saw this:
You'll have to cut and paste, I don't know if there's a way to do links in the comment section or not.

Dr. aafb said...

I like to spend money on gifts for other people to my detriment. Sam is always chastising me about this but I just can't help it. I also like to eat out and buy clothes (occasionally for myself but mostly for Drake!). Travel is on my list too!