Saturday, July 24, 2010

suggest a vacation, win a prize

I have a little contest for you all. The two best ideas will win, um... candy? Yes. The winners get candy. Your favorite kind of candy. I will even send it to you in the mail so you get an exciting little package. Who doesn't like getting packages in the mail?

{Side note: remind me to tell you about my dream that involved blogging and candy.}

Here's the deal. I need suggestions for a little vacation. I'd like to hear what my blogger friends would recommend.

Important detail #1: Christian and I need to go on a little weekend vacation sometime between now and, say, October. Just us. We haven't done anything alone since Graham was born (the kid is just too cute and we want him around at all times). Christian wisely pointed out that we have another on the way, meaning it will be a long time until we can leave both kids for a getaway. As much as I don't want to leave Graham, it needs to be done.

Important detail #2: We aren't exactly in the most lucrative financial position right now, so wherever we go can't be too expensive (read: no cruises, trips to Disneyland, plane flights, etc.).

Important detail #3: I am plumb out of vacation time, so our getaway can only be from Friday evening to Sunday evening. I'd rather not spend the entire day driving. I say 3 hours max to the destination. On that note, the vacation can have two destinations. We don't have to sit in one place the whole weekend.

Important detail #4: I like to do outdoorsy things far away from civilization. Christian likes to relax in front of a TV/movie and make the most of civilization. Camping sounds great to me, but I would spend the entire time trying to get Christian to hike and he would be miserable. We need to have a little of both worlds.

Important detail #5: It needs to be something somewhat original. We spent our anniversary last year in San Francisco, so that's out. We can go to Tahoe any time, so that's out. I like the idea of going to Monterey, but then I'd want Graham to be there so we could take him to the aquarium, so that's out.

There you have it. Post your suggestions as well as your 2 favorite kinds of candy. :) Be creative!


Braden and Cheri said...

Okay, be prepared to be blown away. Braden and I LOVED when we went to a bed and breakfast. It was awesome and we've been dying to go back. But ours was in Provo...boring! How cool would it be to go to one at an actual destination?! B&Bs are SO much better than hotels, motels, and camping.

So here is a place I found. Go to Paso Robles and stay at the Orchard Hills Farm B&B. ( looks adorable!

It is in Wine Country, which I know you don't really care about, but apparently there are also tons of things to do. Check out what to do at It looks very quaint and secluded but is close to other things so you can get the best of both worlds.

Every morning you get a full gourmet breakfast, which is awesome to meet other people from all over. (

My favorite candies are Dove chocolates with caramel, and sour patch watermelons.

LJ, DC and ML said...

PS. David Loves Paso Robles with all of his heart. Its nearby the ocean.
Or you can go to Pismo. Actually you know I love the fancy hotels, but there's a Best Western on the cliff down there that looks like its got fantastic views.
Or you could go to Mendocino and stay at a bootie place that has a jacuzzi tub. Actually the place we stayed in Pismo also had a jacuzzi tub.
Or you could hang out at Lassen, which is freaking awesome. And you don't really have to hike to see the cool stuff.
Whatever you do, you'd better let us hang out with Graham while you are gone. We sort of owe you. :)

Jenni said...

Here's my suggestion. For our first anniversary, we went down to Hearst Castle. And, it was awesome! It's about a 3 hour drive mostly down 101 and, if you like to see the old missions like Jared and I, you can stop and see them on the drive. It's a beautiful drive, too, especially the part between 101 and 1. We stayed in an awesome little hotel right on the beach in Cambria for what I considered to be a very good rate. Then it was about a 10 minute drive from there to Hearst Castle. The only downside is that the tours of the Castle are a little expensive. But, it's totally worth it, I think, to do at least one. Besides Hearst Castle, the coast there is absolutely beautiful and Pismo Beach and SLO are not far away. And the town of Cambria is super cute. Also, our anniversary falls in the middle of March Madness, so naturally we did some TV watching in the hotel while we were there. Something for everyone.

If I win, I will totally totally give you suggestions for hotels/restaurants/etc. We had a blast. And my favorite candies right now are Swedish Fish and Strawberry Twizzlers.

Anonymous said...

Those are tough requirements, but necessary ones. San Luis Obispo...I have no idea where you'd stay or where you could eat, but it is close to Paso Robles. Stay there and venture out. Have fun doing whatever you end up doing. It's fun regardless of what you do when you get to be together.

Erica said...

I suggest you go camp out at Cayucos beach, then you have lots of things you can do. You can hang out at the beach, go hike on the rocks at Montana del Oro (near San Luis Obispo), and take a tour at Hearst Castle in San Simeon. You could even rent wet suits and go body boarding, go on a whale watching tour, rent kayaks and go kayaking.. There are a lot of options. Or if camping at the beach sounds awful, there are a lot of hotels that aren't too expensive.

And that is my idea. The end.

ps: I hope I win! (lol)

Dr. aafb said...

I know Monterey is supposed to be out but you can take Graham back anytime to go to the aquarium! Sam and I went on a baby moon there and stayed at the cutest hotel called the spin drift inn where they have real live fire places in the rooms, robes, chocolates on the pillow and breakfast in bed in the morning. It wasn't too expensive and it was right in the middle of everything including the beach! There are a ton of other things to do there. Good luck. I know I'm breaking the rules here but I just had to go for it. I love all candy so it really wouldn't matter! How's that for easy to please!

Ella said...

Ok, here's my suggestion, although it sounds like you've got some good ones! During part of our honeymoon we stayed at Big Sur Lodge and explored Pfeiffer State Park. The lodging is fun, and quite secluded. There are good walking trails if you're not on bed rest. And there's a good whale watching area. And it's gorgeous, as is everything you could find to do in your state! And, yeah, my faves are Starbursts in the green package and butter mints. :)

Ella said...

P.S.- I forgot to add that you need to bring a DVD playing device for Christian and I think I meet all your requirements! Hehehe

Amy Carter said...

Ivan and I enjoyed our trip to SLO/Cambria/Cayucos last year, and mom/dad replicated our trip and enjoyed it. it is a bit of a drive though. if you end up going, i can tell you all the places we visited.

if you want something closer, drive up the coast to point reyes/ bodega bay/russian river/guerneville and stay at a B&B. we stayed at a cute hotel in santa rosa if you need an idea for somewhere to stay.

Big Sur is beautiful as well. You could spend one night in monterey/carmel, and one night in big sur. That is, if there's any lodging available there. Big Sur fills up quickly in the summer. It's a good destination if mom/dad are watching graham, because you can drop him off on your way down. and on your way back, mom/dad can meet you at the aquarium with graham. (that's exactly what we did with diego when we went to big sur.)

Is there any way you could take one day off work? It would make your weekend feel much more like a vacation.

Ashley said...

I have nothing to add but I like all these great weekend vacay ideas. And I like to think about candy.

madichan said...

Will third Big Sur, and recommend the Treebones Resort ( because you get to stay in a yurt and fall asleep listening to the ocean. Plus, waffles for breakfast.

I'm also a big fan of Point Reyes -- there's some simple hikes there for you (and maybe Christian) to enjoy. Lighthouse. Oysters (BBQ'd for you). Kayaking. Beaches.