Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm a planner. I love to get out a calendar and plan out my life. Now that none of us are in school, it seems there is much less to put on the calendar. It's a blank slate. This is kind of nice, but I'm having a hard time dealing with the fact that we don't know what we'll be doing or where we'll be in 6 months.

We live in a 3-bedroom apartment. I like it. The rooms are big enough, the kitchen has a nice window and plenty of natural light, our bathroom has a sky light (that the crows like to land on and pick at), we have windows on 3 sides (plenty of breezes), we have a laundry room (with a window), the porch is big enough for me to have a garden of potted plants and vegetables, and the rent really isn't that high for a 3-bedroom in this area. It's not the nicest apartment complex, but it's not bad either. We are happy here.

When our lease ends in a month, we could stay here on a month-to-month contract, or we could move a little farther south into a duplex. One with a back yard and a garage. I could have a real garden. We could store our bikes in the garage instead of our room. And our rent could be $300 cheaper.

At the center of all this (the deciding factor) is Christian's job search. We are kind of stuck until we know where he'll be working. I refuse to move south as long as I'm still working at Stanford. It already takes me 30 minutes to get to work, and I'd rather it not take any longer. It also doesn't make sense to move south and sign a year lease if Christian eventually gets a job in, say San Francisco. Or what if we have to move out of the state?

Then again, staying here and paying for a 3-bedroom after Richard leaves (and on our current income) doesn't sound very smart. We could find a cheap 2-bedroom apartment in this area, but I refuse to put our washer and dryer in storage and go back to coin laundry. I'm not lugging a bag full of dirty cloth diapers to a community laundry room. No way.

So we're stuck.

Stuck, stuck, stuck.

I'm a planner, but the best I can do right now is put Graham's birthday and the baby's due date on the calendar and remind myself that nothing else is all that important compared to those dates. I'll just take a deep breath and wait out the rest.


Sally Teeple said...

Hey Molly. We're in a similar situation, and it's pretty frustrating. I'm still driving over the hill to teach, so it makes sense for us to move to the SJ area. But Dave's on the job hunt just like Christian, so we don't know where he'll get a job. Hard to want to plan ahead, but not know what you're planning for. Also, I just had emergency eye surgery (I had a small retinal dedachment), so that sort of threw a wrench in our plans. I won't be lifting any moving boxes anytime soon. I agree with you: we should count our blessings--in your case Graham and baby #2, and in my case the fact that they caught the problem with my eye before I lost any of my sight--and just go from there. Good luck to you guys in the next few months of uncertainty! (Also, how are you doing with bedrest? I think I can imagine how you must feel, because all I'm doing these days is sitting on the couch and listening to audiobooks and letting my eye heal. Kinda boring. At least you have a cute little guy to keep you busy!)

Ashley said...

I think it's great you can do month to month rent at your place until you make a decision!

LJ, DC and ML said...

You are a wise woman. But I'm sure I've already told you that.

Em said...

Oh, I know this frustration! Hopefully it all works out soon for you--and in just the way you need!

...And that Dominos instruction was ca-razy. When we lived in NY, we learned how to play by Domincans. Funny they weren't mentioned on your box...