Thursday, July 8, 2010

household happenings

1. Graham spent the 4th of July pondering the meaning of freedom while trapped behind his new baby gate. Needless to say, it wasn't the most exciting first 4th of July for our little guy. Next year, Graham. Next year.

2. Luckily, we spent the 5th of July enjoying freedom while hanging out poolside with the Cutlers. Ahhhh. That's more like it.

3. You know what's the worst part about bedrest? Doing nothing. Seriously. I'm finally home during the day and can think of (and see) at least 20 things to do and/or clean, but they all require being up on my feet. So I pretend I see nothing. To the picture of chocolate cupcakes in the cookbook next to me--just give up, recipe. I don't see you staring at me. Check back with me in a few weeks.

4. Christian would say the worst part of my bedrest is the fact that I'm "in the way all the time but not helping with anything." I'm approved to work remotely 4 hours a day while on bedrest. In order to use our TV as a computer for 4 hours, we put the big living room chair 3 feet in front of the TV so I can lounge and type. This puts me in the way of EVERYTHING. We got our laptop fixed today so that I can disappear into our bedroom for work and cease driving Christian crazy.

5. And now for some of my favorite recent pictures of Graham.

Graham graduated from his first swim class. In other words, we held him in cold water.

Chairs are no match for him. He will crawl in and over and through anything.

Swinging in the park!

Graham and his BFF (daddy).

Catching some Zzzzz's.

The neighborhood fan club: Liseth, Daniela, and Diana.

Admiring the pretty little Maisie Lou.

Stealing the show from Maisie.

"Hang on. You've got a little something on your face."

This one just makes me laugh.

Mama on bedrest + Baby who gets really mad when you take him out of the bath = Throwing the "No TV" rule out the window.


Julia Wade said...

graham is seriously the cutest baby. so so cute.

LJ, DC and ML said...

hahahah! Seriously I did laugh out loud when I saw the G stealing the show pic. She doesn't look too happy about that does she? So cute both of them. Here's to hoping that today's bedrest is better than yesterday's. Loves! And how are you planning a party this weekend? We'll help!

Amy Carter said...

These are my favorite kind of posts.

Can't wait for Graham and Luca to hang out on Sunday.

madichan said...

I *love* the photo of Christian and Graham in the grass.

And while I can imagine bedrest being frustrating, it really is for a good cause. In a few years, you won't even believe how many cupcakes you are baking. I'm guessing.

Ashley said...

I love this squishy, funny stage! That one on the swing is my favorite. He looks goofy and so happy and content! That Maisie is a cutie too. It's fun that he has friends! I hope you both stick around for a while so they can grow up together.

Ashley C. said...

Aw, I love the BFF picture!