Thursday, July 15, 2010

could you? would you?

We all know we're supposed to live within our means. Spend less than we make. But I want to see how many of you really could and would be able to make these kinds of changes in your life.

If you were in a financial pickle, could you and would you...

...ditch your cell phones? Get a super cheap land line and leave the world of texts, mobile email/internet, and instant contact behind?

...cancel your internet service? Walk to the library or a coffee shop if you really needed the internet? Park your car next to a building with free wi-fi when you needed to use the internet?

...move to a 1-bedroom or studio and share your room with your kid(s)?

What else? What other luxuries do we consider necessities? What other kinds of things would we rather keep and go into debt than do without?


Kim said...

When Rich and I were poorish students we gave up cell phones, nice cable, and lived in a dumpy apartment. It sucked for a while but then we got used to it and realized that we really didn't need that stuff. We currently have no cable (use rabbit ears) and I have a very inexpensive cell plan ($20/month). The older I get, the more I see and realize that it's all just stuff and it doesn't matter that much. However, I don't think I could go down in living space size now that I have 3 kids. I've got to stay sane, you know:).

Jonathon and Sarah said...

Haha, we've got the one bedroom, two kid situation going. You do what you gotta do, right? But seriously, I don't know if I could give up my internet access. Oh, and you guys should definitely come see us at the end of August. That would be fun!

Julie Laughlin said...

i could never give up internet access! I'd be lost! i could give up cell phone. just use skype, but i use email most of the time anyway! smaller place? no way. i'd go nutso.
a dishwasher is a luxury - but i couldn't give that up. it'd be interesting to give up my car. probably would get more exercise!

Ashley said...

I think we could all do any and all of them if we really NEEDED to . . . but for sure internet would be the last thing to go! I'd rather live in a one bedroom with internet than a three bedroom without. We could also eat a lot cheaper--less meat, more beans and potatoes, less wasting . . . but who wants that!?! :) Tyler is trying to give me his old iphone and thinks I'm crazy because I don't want it--I know I don't need it and I don't want to pay an increased phone bill. Nor do I want more excuses to be online all the time!

The Bundys said...

We just barely entered the world of cell texting and that is the extent of a luxery cell phone, we don't pay for tv cable nor do we have a land line (although I realize that land lines are nice). I think our main expense is food (and lots of it). I did the crappy small apartment for a long time.....hmm don't think I could go back - well I might be able to if it was back in Cali.

Kerri said...

Yes, I could work with the cellphone and internet adjustments, but living space is where I draw the lines. we need our space or REALLY bad things happen...and steve and I learned early on that dishwashers were necessary. And in-house washer/dryer is also a must. I COULD sacrifice AC. I know of people who OPT to not have heat (we're talking Chicago Winters) and build fires in the fireplaces, and I can't help but think that's cool...probably couldn't do it, but I feel like that makes them really hearty people!

Kaylynn said...

Here's the order I'd get rid of my luxuries (and I have several times, every time I get laid off!)

1. Eating out
2. Shopping
3. Cable
4. Internet
5. Apartment

When I first moved here I used either work or library internet, and it was just fine. If you plan a head a little, you can get everything done. Cable is easy to get rid of since you can watch most shows online...but therein lies the issue with getting rid of the internet :)

Tamra said...

Rob and I have been trying to live simply. We've let go of things we don't really miss, like our 2nd cell. Things we decided it was worth it to keep, for various reasons: our 2 cars, internet (my access to the outside world), 1 cell phone w/out any extras. The harder things to give up, in my opinion, are things like soccer teams and piano lessons for the kids.

Dr. aafb said...

Cable easy to give up. So many other things to occupy the time. Internet could with out as well. Doesn't google provide MV with free wifi anyway (it is scary slow though). The only problem with these things is are they really going to make it so you are spending less than your making. Usually when Sam and I have needed to make cost cuts it requires more than $50 less here or there. I know every cent counts but sometimes I lose motivation when we cut out all the luxuries we enjoy only to still not be able to get to solvency. So why bother? Maybe others have felt this way too. Oh well. Good luck!