Friday, July 2, 2010

baby #2

It's true! We're expecting baby number 2! Graham is pretty excited. Actually, he's totally clueless.

Presenting baby #2! Due December 17th. Our little Christmas baby...

On to the frequently asked questions:

1. How far along are you?

16 weeks today. (That translates to about a week short of 4 months.) Hurray!

2. Was this baby planned?

Yes, this baby was planned. (In other words, no, this baby was not an "oops.") We felt very blessed that he/she came along so quickly. Graham was not quite so cooperative in his day.

3. Are you crazy?

No. Let me just put this out there: Just because you don't want another baby right now doesn't mean we can't. :) Graham is so easy that the idea of another baby just didn't scare us. But that's just us. The worst that can happen is we have an easy toddler and a hard baby.

4. How far apart will they be?

If Baby #2 comes on his/her due date, they will be just under 14 months apart. I'm crossing my fingers that #2 comes 2 weeks early. 3 would be acceptable. Those last couple weeks of pregnancy are not fun.

5. Are you going to find out what it is?

We already know it's human. Or monkey. One of the two. And in 3 weeks we will find out if it's a girl or a boy!

6. Are you hoping for a girl this time?

Christian is, but I'm impartial. A girl would be fun, because we would have one of each and would break the one-gender per family trend (so far none of our siblings have been able to produce one of each). At the same time, how fun would it be for Budders to have a little brother so close in age?? So cute.

7. Were you sick?

Yeah. Not too bad. Just yucky feeling and tired. And working two jobs. You can call me super woman, but in reality I did what I had to. (This was the reason I stopped running. Just couldn't cut it.)

So the latest news is that I'm officially on bedrest for a few weeks. I'm going to write a separate post about this. It will follow shortly.

On a side note, I'd ask that everyone say a special prayer tonight for all your friends who are trying to conceive but have been having trouble. I have lots of friends in this boat right now and my thoughts are constantly on them. I love you guys and you are in my prayers!!


Ella said...

Hip Hip Hooray! SO exciting! I can't wait to find out what the gender is!! Although I will be equally excited whether it's a boy or girl. Sorry about the bleeding though! That can't be fun at all! And here I thought you were just super confident with yourself letting some leftover baby bumpage show in your orange re-purposed shirt! I should've known... (p.s. I LOVE that band you put on the bottom of that shirt).

Ashley C. said...

It's official! Yay!

madichan said...

"Just because you don't want another baby right now doesn't mean we can't."

BAM. You tell those haters, Molly. Excited for you!

Julie Laughlin said...

we're excited for you! my sister and i are 11 months apart, and although we fought a ton when we were younger, it's the best thing now. we have gone thru all of the same experiences at the same time and we are so close. too bad she lives so far away.... anyway, i can't wait until you find out what you're having! a girl would be super fun but 2 little boys would be majorly cute!

Ashley said...

What a great ultrasound picture! You will love having them close!

Baldersons said...

Congratulations! I totally don't think you are crazy...having two close together is so much fun - I almost wish mine were closer in age!

Dr. aafb said...

Congrats! I do think you are crazy still. But is being crazy so bad? Sorry to hear about the bleeding. I think that's a bummer as pregnancy is supposed to be you're break from that. Sorry to hear about the running but maybe another day!

LJ, DC and ML said...

Bed rest?! I leave town for 10 minutes and we're on bed rest? Do you need any help?? Love you girlie

amandanbo said...

wow! so exciting! congrats to ya'll! excited to keep up with you during this pregnancy!

mj said...

see, now i just wish there was a way for me to see everyone's faces as they were reading this. so happy for you! call me if you need some help. i'm a block away for one more week. :)

Kerri said...

Hey! Hooray for you, and I'm glad you are feeling so excited! having them close together does have it's magic, too: Having them in diapers together means you're out of diaper stage sooner...can be really good friends, even if it takes similar stages of development so learning school together...lots of pluses.

Now on to read the bedrest post!!! I'm feeling so nervous to read it!

Chelle said...

Oh my gosh Molly, WOW!! That is so crazy b/c this thought popped into my head about a week ago, "I wonder if Molly is pregnant?" Then I thought, "Wow, I wonder where that came from. Her little guy is only 6 mos." So how cool to see that you really are! Good luck with all the spotting...I spotted with TUrin too and it really scared me, but luckily everything turned out all right. We'll hope the same thing happens with you--good luck surviving bedrest too, ugh...

Amy Carter said...

what a smart post! now when you get asked the same standard questions over and over (and over), you can refer them here.

ha ha, i still think you're crazy! hope the second one is as easy as your first!

i think you should wait until the baby is born to find out the sex!

Kristen said...

WHAT?? That's so exciting!!! Sorry about the bleeding and lame ER visit. I wish I could come see you and help you with your house...not that I'm allowed to do much right now. :)

Brian and Kristy said...

Yay I'm so excited for you! I'm sorry to hear about the complications - I hope things turn around for you.
P.S. - Thank you for the sidenote it means alot.