Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Christian showed me this site today. Airbnb.com No, they aren't paying me to advertise, but perhaps they should after this post.

How have I not known about this? One of our favorite things to do is peruse VRBO for vacation rentals locally and around the world. While the idea of an all-inclusive resort with too many tourists and a swimming pool right outside my door actually does sound nice sometimes, Christian and I usually opt for smaller, more intimate places to stay.

On our honeymoon, we drove 4 hours south of Cancun to Mayan Beach Gardens to stay in a tiny cabana on the beach. Far away from anything else. Heck, it was so far in the middle of nowhere that over the course of a week, we ran over a huge snake, hit a coatimundi, and decimated a stunning orange bird. Oops. But it was awesome.

In Belize, our family rented a house and used bikes to ride into town.

In Brazil, we found housing as we arrived in each city. Who needs to plan ahead?

In Hawaii, we rented an apartment through VRBO.

Back when I traveled in Europe, we stayed in everything from dumpy hostels in Vienna to beautiful rooms in Greece. Never booking ahead of time. Never using big hotels.

And some day we're going to buy a private island. Oh wait. That doesn't belong in this post.

Airbnb gives you the option of renting everything from a fold out couch in someone's living room to an entire villas looking over the ocean. It sure gets the wheels in my head turning. Just looking at some of the apartments makes me want to move somewhere interesting, re-decorate with the coolest furniture, paint, and art, and list my house on Airbnb. (It also revived my desire to reupholster my couch and chair, but I don't think that's allowed on bedrest.)

Now Christian just needs to get a job with them so we can live the dream. Dreaming on bedrest is lovely.

Anybody want to go to Greece?

Or maybe just a trip up the coast to Eureka?


Dana said...

I didn't know about this awesome website either! Thanks!

Rach said...

Greece...all the way. I am saving my pennies and one day I will go back to Greece. I know some of the MOST amazing, breath-taking spots to go there, where no one but the missionaries have ever found...I am willing to share if you ever go there!

Kerri said...

but how do you pronounce airbnb? sounds wierd. but for you, i'll check it out.

haven't you been to greece during your stint in spain?

Jenni said...

Jared wants to go to Greece. So, by default, that means we want to go to Greece. JK. I would also like to go to Greece. I've seen pictures. It looks awesome. Let's go!

danny said...

Hi, I'm just dropping by. I'm actually looking for fellow AirBnBers and happened upon your blog post. I'm from the Philippines and I'm thinking of creating a community for airbnb participants.

Marc Zo said...
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