Monday, June 21, 2010

who are you, newspaper man?

Perhaps I shouldn't assume your'e a man. Perhaps you're a woman. But I don't think so. It's hard to tell when I can only see your hands.

I see you walking on El Camino. Always in the same place as I drive home from work. Some days I see you, some days I don't.

You wear black pants. Grey sweatshirt. Hood always drawn. You walk with an open newspaper held over your head and face. That's the only way I've ever seen you. Only your hands show. You can only see the ground. And your'e always walking South.

Why is this? Are you shielding yourself from the sun? Or are you shielding yourself from the world? Today you were sitting on a bench. The newspaper held dutifully over your face. Perhaps it's not the sun. Otherwise you could have just sat in the shade and put down the newspaper. It must be more than that.

Is there something wrong with your skin? Is there something wrong with your mind?

You make me so curious. And a little sad.


mj said...

i've seen him too! didn't know he was a regular on el camino.

Kerri said...