Saturday, June 19, 2010

my vacation with graham

This week I used almost all my vacation time to stay home with my little Budders. It was SO worth it.

Christian and Richard went to our church's Zion's Camp this week (Richard as a youth participant, Christian as a counselor) and they had a blast. Seriously. They are gushing about how much fun they had. More on that later.

Because Christian is the full-time stay-at-home-dad right now, we needed someone to watch Graham. I gladly cashed in my vacation time and spent a week with my baby. Best. Week. Ever. (Well, would have been even better if Christian had been home with us.) It also coincided with a one-week healthy eating pact with my sisters. No junk food, no sugar, no processed foods, no animal products. I have eaten so well this week, which I probably never could have done with my carnivore/junk-food roommates around.

Hung out with Budders.
Signed the Acura over to Dianna and Bob. (More on this later.) We are now a one-car family. I'm so excited. Seriously.
Hung out with my sister, Ashley. We made healthy meals, we went to Ikea, we sat around talking.

{I love this boy!}

Hung out with Budders.
Hmmm. What else did I do?

{Graham discovered the washer and dryer. Fascinating to watch the clothes go around and around.}

Hung out with Budders.
Went to the beach with the girls from my ward at church. Graham's first beach experience. He ate sand. He laid down in the sand. He was obsessed with the sand. It was a lot of work and a little overwhelming.

{Roaming free at the beach.}

{With my baby!}

{He got a little tired and decided to lay down.}

{Sand-covered face. That's what happens when you lay down in the sand, Graham.}

{Leah posing just as pretty as can be.}

{Graham and Waverley. Once we let them swap toy for pacifier, they were all smiles.}

{So fun to hand out with these girls. I never see them.}

Hung out with Budders.
Rented a carpet cleaner.
Lugged it up to my apartment.
Cleaned the living room carpet.
Lugged the carpet cleaner down to my car.
Took the carpet cleaner to Dianna and Bob so they could use it on the Acura.
Lugged the carpet cleaner back up to my apartment.
Cleaned more carpet.
Lugged the carpet cleaner down to my car.
Returned it.
Ate cereal for dinner because my back hurt too much to make dinner. Next time I rent a carpet cleaner, I'll make sure Christian is here to do all the hard labor.

{Late at night I found this little guy sleeping on his stuffed giraffe.}

Went on a walk with Julia and Maren and Leah. (Speaking of Leah, click on the link on the side bar and vote for Rett Syndrome!)
Hung out at the park with Erica, Hayden, and baby Chase.
Cleaned my house more. It still needs help.

Today I welcomed Christian and Richard home! Christian immediately left for work. Richard immediately left for San Jose. Looks like I'm on my own again... That's okay. I'm having fun with my baby. If only this week could last forever.


mj said...

so glad we could be a part of your week! i'm a bit embarrassed that i haven't put that link on my sidebar yet. just facebooked about it. so....thanks!

Ashley said...

What a great week! Graham looks more and more like Christian every day. It's a good thing I'm not on your diet--I would starve!

Kerri said...

cramming the week in with hanging out with the babe and the constant cleaning war -- and still having more cleaning to're on your way to mom of the year :)

madichan said...

When Graham is 12 years old, I'm gonna start calling him "Sand Face" and he's going to be confused.

Sounds like a great week, Molly! (Except for that whole carpet cleaner up and down and up and down the stairs thing).

Amy Carter said...

what a wonderful week! (except for the carpet cleaning part.)

we'll have to pick a weekend to meet up at the beach soon. luca is a sand-lover as well.

Chelle said...

What a fun week! Isn't it the best being able to stay home with your babe? And how awesome that Christian graduated. Tell him congrats from us. You must be thrilled! You get the "PHT" degree (put him thru). It's such a good feeling. What are the plans now?

Mer said...

Fun! Graham is so cute!

(PS: We are a one car family too!)